Starships! (Monochromatic Remix)

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Title: Starships! (Monochromatic Remix)
Creator: Jetpack Monkey
Date: August 2013
Format: online
Length: 3:36 minutes
Music: Nicki Minaj
Fandom: Multiple Fandoms
URL: vid announcement post

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Starships! (Monochromatic Remix) is a multi-fandom vid by Jetpack Monkey that was made for the Brand New Classic Hits vidshow at Vividcon 2013. show. It is a remixed version of bironic's vid Starships! using older sci-fi and fantasy video source.

Summary: "A celebration of astronauts, space rangers, scientists, faithful sidekicks, and the spacecraft they love to fly."

Sources: Space-based black & white TV and movies released before July 1969. A list of the sources can be found here.[1]

The vidder also posted a side-by-side comparison of the two vid which can be seen here.[2]

Vidder's Notes

"This is a near shot-by-shot remake of bironic's Starships! vid using exclusively black and white sources that were released prior to July 1969.

How did this come to be? Well, to start, I love the original vid. Love it. Just... bironic captures the joy and the wonder of space travel so perfectly, it makes my heart go "ping!" The vid is pretty damn expansive, especially given the limited amount of time that went into making it.

With that said, I very much felt the absence of certain fandoms, but they were fandoms that would not have fit in bironic's original vid and I don't blame her for not including them. I am talking about the early days of sci-fi, when brave astronauts soldiered to the stars long before we'd actually managed to make it to the moon, all in glorious black and white.

I made a half-joking comment to bironic (screened now) in her original Starships! post that "I kind of want to do a remake with nothing but black and white space adventure."

And then I got really obsessed with that idea really quickly and started collecting source. Once I realized the idea was a good one and that it wasn't going away, I asked for bironic's formal permission to proceed, which I received. She's been amazing in this whole process and I cannot emphasize enough that this vid would not exist without hers. I made a comparison side-by-side video for both vids...

The vid contains roughly 77 different sources....

Source quality was a problem throughout the making of this vid. I had to make a call very early on where I wanted to lend the most weight -- prettiness or history. I chose history, because I'm me...."[3]

Screencap Gallery

Images are not necessarily in the order in which they appeared in the songvid. Click on each image to see greater detail. [Note: help appreciated in identifying the older source clips.]


"The original made me really happy but yours makes me even happier because -- science fiction! It's not just a new-fangled thing we just came up with, they were dreaming of space and making films about it a century ago too."[4]
"OMG I just watched this on VVC live, and it was AMAZING! I love how clearly it references bironic's vid, but how it just really really works in its own right as well. Gahhh, I love this so so much! Gosh, I wish I had time for more details, but I am going to download and rewatch forever, and come back to read all your notes ASAP!"[5]
"And omg, jetpack monkey's Starships (Monochromatic Remix) (a remix of bironic's Starships, in black and white, using old source) is one of the highlights of my weekend. Seriously. It gives me all of the joyous squeeful feels that the original vid did (and still does), both in terms of a love of space travel and in terms of a feeling that the whole thing is a metaphor for fans and fandom (we are the starships; we are made to fly) -- and also because seeing the whole thing in b&w gives it a timeless sense, a sense that all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again, in the very best way. Some of the clips are, I'm pretty sure, a shot-for-shot match (playing cards / gambling in space! Fighting in space! Slamming down on the accelerator lever in space!) and others suit this vid in its differences. But oh, man, it is so good."[6]
" I love bironic's version, and this is a wonderful companion piece. My hat is off to you for the painstaking job of tracking down and cleaning up older sources, especially including so many women. For extra sauce, the Robbie the Robot parallel to Data made me giggle so hard."[7]
"And then we played your awesome both-vids-playing-at-once version and I made a lot of inarticulate noises of glee. The oh-shit-space-turbulence section! Your bewildering ability to match shots not just in content but in framing! The way even the spaceships are mostly the same shape and moving in the same arcs! (The space Winnebago parallel!)

This is a really mindblowingly awesome response/remix to the original Starships vid, and also stands on its own as a fantastic, dance-y tribute to old school science fiction.

...also it's magic, how did you match all of those shots."[8]
[on the side by side comparison of the two versions]:"Watching this side by side comparison is like being in a threesome, in the middle. It's just a giant vid-gasm. Also good God it's such impressive work, how exactly parallel your vid is to bironic's. *more vid-gasming*[9]


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