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Name: Aeryn Sun
Occupation: former Peacekeeper
Relationships: involved with deceased John Crichton, married to John Crichton
Fandom: Farscape
Other: Played by actor Claudia Black
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In Canon

Aeryn Sun is introduced in the first episode of Farscape as a loyal Peacekeeper Commando hoping for promotion to the special forces.

Unfortunately, meeting lost Earth astronaut John Crichton puts a permanent end to those ambitions, as she is deemed irreversibly contaminated by contact with an alien, just for having spoken with him (and beaten him up a little) and is therefore slated for execution.

Crichton does not approve. She and Crichton end up on the living ship Moya, a former Peacekeeper prison transport, which, with several escaped prisoners on board, has slipped its Peacekeeper leash.

Over the course of the series, Aeryn evolves from dutiful soldier to caring crewmate who often saves the lives of the others aboard the ship (especially the guys).

"[...]because of her own need to contribute, to be useful in the everyday, concrete way she values, she adapts, takes on tech work she once scorned as beneath her, and gains real pleasure and pride in an aptitude she'd never otherwise have known she had, a new way to play a part. And eventually, Aeryn becomes the invisible glue that holds the crew together, keeps the sharp edges of the other personalities from clashing."[1]

Relationship with Crichton

The canon romance between John and Aeryn can be said to be one of the greatest TV romances of the last few decades.

"There's the rub. How do I put into words just how special this relationship is? Because, no matter what words fly to my fingertips, they won't be the right ones. They'll ultimately be lacking something, that epiphany one only gets when one watches the show."[2]

In Fandom

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Aeryn is popular among Farscape fans. Not only is she one half of the fandom's dominant pairing, she is also a fierce BAMF. Some fans disliked season four, as they felt that Aeryn's characterization suffered.

Aeryn is most commonly shipped with her canonical lover, John Crichton, but there are smaller ships out there , including Aeryn Sun/Bialar Crais

Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Bodyswap fics usually set during the episode Out of Their Minds.
  • Alien Kink often appears in fics as Aeryn is Sebacean and her canonical love interest is human.
  • Some fics include Aeryn succumbing to heat delirium, a Sebacean illness which occurs when a member of that species is exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time. Aeryn often prefers cold rooms and cooler temperature showers in fanon as a result.
  • Origin stories, focusing on Aeryn's childhood and life as a Peacekeeper.
  • Future Fics, focusing on Aeryn and Jon's life after the Peacekeeper Wars. Many of these are Kidfics.
  • AU fics are common, and there are several canonical alternative universes which feature in fics as well.

Connections to Other Fandoms

Claudia Black, the actress who plays Aeryn Sun, also portrays Vala Mal Doran on Stargate SG-1. Another Farscape alum, Ben Browder plays both John Crichton on Farscape and Cameron Mitchell on Stargate SG-1. Their previous involvement in the Farscape universe was referenced regularly in Stargate episode, including this parody clip. There are a small number of crossover fics.

In Fanfiction

  • Framed Betty tries to get Aeryn Sun, an alien visitor to Earth, to model for a feature on Christmas party dresses. Aeryn, trained since birth to be a combat pilot in her people's military, doesn't really understand dresses or non-practical shoes. (Farscape/Ugly Betty crossover)
  • The Talyn Suite Series by RobynBender, The Talyn Suite takes John and Aeryn from the fadeout of Green-Eyed Monster to a coda for Icarus Abides. (2003) See also, Ao3 link to The Talyn Suite Series.
  • In the Company of Ghosts by KodiakkeMax, A mere moment, passing unnoticed. A choice, unremarkable in a daily web of choices. And thus two Prowlers, two pilots... and two very different destinations. (2003)

In Fanvids

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