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Synonyms: alien genitalia, alien anatomy
See also: Aliens in Fanworks, tentaclefic, xeno, interspecies, Vulcan Genitalia, Troll Genitalia
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an example for alien genitalia in fanart by Leslie Fish from The Other Side of Paradise #3 (1978). Note: This image has been marked as sexually explicit and has been minimised.

Alien Kink commonly refers to a genre of fanworks featuring an alien's sexuality and/or genitalia, imagined differently from human body functions and parts, for kink purposes. Sometimes these are involved science fiction scenarios with entirely different sex and reproduction systems, e.g. different genders, more than two genders needed for reproduction/child bearing (see also mpreg) etc., however most common are scenarios in which some humanoid alien species comes with a male and a female gender, only their penises are a bit weird and/or they have mating cycles (with or without lust inducing pheromones). (Are there any alien vulva/vaginas fics? Like with T'Pol's or Kira's genitals being unusual, like we see with Spock?)

Popular variations on the standard penis are added tentacles or prehensile penises, penises with different textures or of unusual size (though extreme size alone usually is not enough to count as "alien"), sometimes inspired by variations in animal penises, e.g. with barbs like tom cat's[1] or bifurcated penises like a marsupial's and the like.

Some Fan Comments

  • "...One of the faults I find with some fanfiction is the emphasis on sex sort of clinical morbidity about how aliens conduct their sex life. The details of reproduction, the positive gloating about pon farr for instance, the unnecessarily explicit details of the love-making. I sometimes suspect some of our twentieth century females are indulging themselves in a bit of ladylike pornography - working themselves up to tumescent glow by imagining what it must be like to get screwed by a Vulcan, or a Klingon or a Romulan... So far, nobody that I've run across seems much intrigued about the love-life of a Medusan but probably somebody will think of something...." (1976) [2]


Some fandoms where alien!kink stories can be found:

  • Alien Nation?
  • Babylon 5: Londo. "We have six."
  • Homestuck: Troll Genitalia
  • Invader Zim: Most popular ship is an alien/human, and fans speculate wildly on the aliens' genitalia
  • Mass Effect: Numerous stories on the Mass Effect kink meme speculate the genitalia of the various alien races and how they function. Canon hints have been dropped within the game itself about the salarians (they have cloacas) and krogan (the infamous 'krogan testicle' conversation in the first game comes to mind for many).
  • Explicit Megamind fics feature some creative ideas about what kind of genitalia Megamind's (unnamed) species might have
  • Noumena: A novel trilogy with a main human/alien relationship, and fanon alien/alien/human polycules. Because the aliens are cyborg bugs, fans speculate on their genitalia and how they reproduce with ovipositors
  • Roswell: Canon featured Liz (a human) having prophetic visions caused by making out with Max (an alien), leading to a sort of PG-13 version of Fuck or Die: "We must have sexy alien makeout sessions, for the good of us all!"
  • Smallville: Canonically showed young Clark Kent's heat vision as being connected to his sex drive; some stories featured Clark with non-standard genitalia or hard-wired "mating rituals," while others merely had a virgin Clark worrying that if he ever did manage to have sex, something about the process would give him away as an alien.
  • Star Trek: TOS: Obviously the mother fandom of all alien kink. See Vulcan Genitalia.
  • Teratophilia/Exophilia communities include xeno as a kink.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom played with this kink due to three members of the core cast being alien (Altean Allura and Coran, half-Galra Keith). Other alien characters like Lotor, his generals, Sendak, and Kolivan were popular for such fics, too. Most of these fics tended to go hand in hand with Omegaverse.



  • Alien Desires, a Smallville community for "fanfiction which deals with Clark's sexuality as being somehow different than that of humans."[3]


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