Troll Genitalia

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Synonyms: Troll Biology
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See Also: Alien Kink, Vulcan Genitalia
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Troll Genitalia is a subject of interest in Homestuck fandom, in which the Trolls are aliens with a different reproductive system in addition to their unique romance system.[1]


Canon Terms:

  • Filial Pail - The type of bucket' used to store and transport troll reproductive slurry. All buckets are seen as sexual items as a result of this function, and it is normal buckets are rarely used by trolls.
  • Slurry - Genetic material produced by the mysteries of Troll copulation and deposited into filial pails, where drones transport it to the Mother Grub to be used to inseminate her.


Archive of Our Own has the tags Troll Genitalia, Bulges and Nooks, Bulges, and Tentabulges.

Fanon Terms:

  • Bucket - related to the Filial Pail.
  • Bulge -
  • Nook
  • Tentabulge or Bulge


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