Londo Mollari

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Name: Londo Mollari
Occupation: Centauri ambassador to Babylon 5
Relationships: Vir Cotto (assistant), G'Kar (bitter enemies, later friends)
Fandom: Babylon 5
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Londo Mollari is a supporting character in the television series Babylon 5.


Londo starts off as the Centauri Republic's ambassador to Babylon 5. While he largely serves as the show's comic relief, his character does have more series dimensions. He is a deeply patriotic man who wants to see the Republic return to its former imperialistic glory. He is pitted against the Narn ambassador G'Kar, who witnessed the brutality of Centauri rule over his planet firsthand.

Londo's attempts to gain power for himself and the Centauri set much of the series' plot in motion. Over the course of the series, his moral compass spins like a top, with him and G'Kar's relationship evolving from mutual nemeses to a strange friendship.


Londo is a popular character in art and fic. As of December 2021, over 390 works on AO3 are tagged with his character tag. Over 70 works include him as a featured character on Fanfiction.net.


The most popular ship to feature Londo is Londo/G'Kar, with over 130 works on AO3. Gen fics about the two characters are also common. Londo has also been shipped with his love interest Adira Tyree, his wife Timov, and more rarely his assistant Vir Cotto.

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