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Synonym(s)interspecies slash; interspecies smut
See alsoalien kink; bestiality; xenokink
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Interspecies refers to relations between different species. In fandom, it usually refers to pairings between different species, often but not exclusively slash. These fanworks are particularly common in fandoms where aliens, supernatural creatures or more than one species canonically exist and interact. Interspecies works can also be found in fandoms featuring anthropomorphic animals.

It is controversial in some fandoms, but in most fandoms consensual interspecies relationships are viewed no differently that any other relationship.

Some works examine speciesism and the quest for interspecies rights, paralleling the civil rights and LGBT rights movements.

Lord of the Rings

Interspecies is a common term in Lord of the Rings fandom. It is particularly applied to pairings between hobbits and humans, such as Frodo/Faramir, which some fans loved and others reviled. Accordingly, it is often used as a content warning within this fandom. Those in the detest camp point to the child-like size of hobbits and their often rather innocent natures, and consider that pairings with human adults can border on paedophilia. Those in the love camp point out that almost all of the hobbit characters are adults.

Other Fandoms

The term is also sometimes used in other fandoms, though sometimes with different connotations. Some examples include:

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