Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
Abbreviation(s): Zim
Creator: Jhonen Vasquez
Date(s): March 30, 2001 – August 19, 2006
Medium: television, comics
Country of Origin: USA
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Invader Zim is a cartoon created by Jhonen Vasquez that debuted in 2001 on Nickelodean. It was cancelled in 2002, partway through production of the second season. It was rebooted as a fairly successful comic book series in July 2015 and has been ongoing ever since. A Netflix movie, Enter The Florpus, premiered August 16, 2019.


Fans animated the episode Mopiness of Doom, which had official audio recorded but was never officially animated due to the show’s cancellation. It was shown at InvaderCon 2012.

The fandom has a large online presence on DeviantArt.


Ships in the Invader Zim fandom usually work by combining the two first initials of a character’s name, separated by an "a" for "and", and then tacking on a "R", "F" or "E" - for romance, friendship, or enemies, respectively.

For instance, ZaDR, refers to Zim and Dib romance, ZaDF refers to Zim and Dib as friends, and ZaDE refers to Zim and Dib as enemies.

GIR’s name is fully written in ship names to avoid confusion with Gaz. For example, GaGIRf is Gaz and GIR as friends.

Additionally, after Enter the Florpus was released, many new fans entered the fandom. They began shipping Zim with Professor Membrane and called it the portmanteau Zimbrane, probably because they were unfamiliar with older fans’ conventions.

One other exception is the rarepair of alien Zim with Zim in his human disguise. This selfcest ship is called Zimcest.

ZADR has always been the most popular yet most controversial ship. Vasquez dislikes it, but other people working on the cartoon have drawn art of it or shown support in other ways, such as when Andy Berman (voice actor of Dib) said "I love you, Zim!" at Invadercon. After Enter the Florpus aired, ZADR anti-shipping was renewed by new fans.


Scott Dyleski is a murderer who claimed the Invader Zim episode "Dark Harvest" inspired him to kill his neighbor.

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