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Synonyms: selfcest
Related: Doppelganger (trope), twincest, incest
See Also: same-actor crossover
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Sexual pairings involving doubled versions of the same character. Many science fiction or fantasy canons have featured clones, doppelgangers, and alternate universe characters meeting. Sometimes rationalized as a form of masturbation, sometimes treated as a subset of incest.

A recognized trope in fanworks, this is fairly rare in canon. Some television examples include Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where mirrorverse Kira Nerys flirted with normal Kira, Buffy the Vampire Slayer where vampire Willow Rosenberg flirted with normal Willow, and Sliders, where in one alternate universe Quinn Mallory made out with a woman he later discovered was a female version of himself. One science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein includes a reference to Lazarus Long having sex with a set of female twins cloned from himself. In his short story All You Zombies the main character uses a time machine and advanced surgery to become his own father and mother. David Gerrold's novel The Man Who Folded Himself describes a time traveller who repeatedly travels back into his own timeline, repeatedly changing history and making love to male and female versions of himself created by the changes.