Cloneshipping (Star Wars)

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This page is about cloneshipping in Star Wars. For the general trope, see Clonecest.

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Synonym(s)clonecest, clone/clone ships
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Cloneshipping, or cloneships, are ships between Star Wars clone troopers. Within Star Wars fandom, it is also commonly referred to as clonecest.


Clonecest In-Universe

Some fans have discussed how cloneshipping might be viewed in-universe - for example, clones not getting into relationships with their batchmates, Jedi being supportive of clone relationships, etc. One popular post suggests:

What if the clones DO have a concept of incestuous clone relationships, but it’s if it’s your BATCHMATE that’s nasty, but just some brother from the next battalion over? Everybody’s done that! Who cares!

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Some fans dislike or outright condemn cloneshipping. Since the clones are genetically identical and call each other "brothers", some consider cloneshipping to be incest.

Example Ships

Popular cloneships are most often between popular clone characters, or clone characters who canonically have a close relationship with each other. Examples include:

It is also relatively common for fans to create clone OCs and post cloneship content about them.