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Name: Sliders
Creator: Tracy Tormé, Robert K. Weiss
Date(s): 1995 - 2000
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: USA
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Sliders was a science-fiction tv series about a group of people travelling between parallel worlds. The show began with a cast of four: Quinn Mallory, the student inventor of the world hopping tech; his professor, Dr. Arturo; his friend, Wade Wells; and Blues singer Rembrandt Brown, who was sucked into their initial wormhole by accident. Rembrandt Brown was the only character to appear in all five seasons.

The show began on Fox, and after 2 seasons, network executives assumed more creative control of the series and changed the focus to more action-oriented plots rather than the alternate history what-if plots that the show started with. The budding relationship between Quinn and Wade was scrapped in favour of romance of the week plots. Many cast changes occurred, and the show moved to the Sci-Fi channel for its final two seasons.


The evolution of the show could be taken as a how-to manual on getting fans to want to create fanworks, if not garnering good ratings. Virtual seasons, fix-it fic and more of the what-if AUs the show began with were very popular.

The abrupt change in relationship for Wade and Quinn led to the creation of a mailing list for the pairing, Project - Wade and Quinn.

Virtual Seasons

Other Fansites

  • Slidecage - Slidecage, a fansite, is the ultimate Sliders (TV Show) resource. The fansite has episode reviews, DVD reviews, promotional photos, memorabilia, discussions about the series and much more.
  • Earth Prime - a fansite that began as a spoof of the alternate Earths on the show, it now contains a great deal of canon information and discussion. The travelogue section is a fascinating fanwork combining aspects of wiki-style canon information with documentation!fic.
  • Dimension of Continuity - a cornucopia of fanactivities represented, including meta on continuity, canon discusions, links to fanfic and even instructions on how to make your own action figures.
  • Where Can I Find It? FAQ - a roadmap of usenet groups for fans, including links to fic, meta, etc. on other sites. A lot of the links are broken now, but it is an interesting historical look at where the fandom was ~2000.
  • Slidemania's Sliders Fanfiction Archive - a links list, not really an archive, but many links are still active.

Fanfic Archives