The Slightly Warped Sliders Page

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Name: The Slightly Warped Sliders Page
Date(s): (?) 1999 - 2016
Archivist: Jason Gaston
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Sliders
URL: Geo Cities, archive link, archive link
Animated graphic from the latter home page
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The Slightly Warped Sliders Page was a fanfiction archive, in Sliders fandom, that contained humorous stories usually about the sliders interacting with characters from other fandoms. The usernet board, described it:

Parodies of existing episodes; In various fanfics, the Sliders meet the X-Files (not just once), Star Trek: DS9, all the other Star Treks including Voyager, Mr T, Seinfeld, Quantum Leap.[1]

The site was originally hosted on GeoCities before moving to an independent site, the site goes defunct sometime after 2016.