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Name: Marshall Mathers
Also Known As: Eminem, Em, Slim Shady
Occupation: Rapper, actor, record producer
Medium: Music, film
Works: 8 Mile, Recovery, Relapse: Refill, Relapse, Eminem Presents: The Re-Up, Encore, The Eminem Show, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Slim Shady LP
Official Website(s): Official Site
Fan Website(s): Emslash on LJ
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Marshall Mathers, commonly known by his alter ego Eminem, is a American Grammy award-winning rapper, actor and record producer. Since his first major studio album The Slim Shady LP debuted in 1999, he has released six solo albums, two albums with rap group D12, and numerous collaborations with other artists. His newest album, Recovery, was released in June 2010 and features a duet with Rihanna entitled "Love The Way You Lie".

Eminem starred as Jimmy "B-Rabbit" Smith in the 2002 semi-autobiographical film 8 Mile inspired by his experiences growing up in Detroit and trying to break into the rap scene. He is infamous for rapping about his family, including his rough childhood with mother Debbie Mathers, his fraught relationship with his ex-wife Kim, his half-brother Nate, and daughters Hailie Jade, Alaina and Whitney. All make appearances in fic.


Eminem Real Person Slash fandom seems to have begun life in 1999/2000 as a spin-off/crossover with Popslash, with writers pairing him with characters from 'N Sync or the Backstreet Boys. Nsyncgrrl's JC Chasez/Eminem series The Way I Am and Lucy Hale's Eminem Series, which paired him with Chris Kirkpatrick, are two popular examples. Eminem/AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys) had its own mailing list, SlimBoneSlash.[1] (See Popslash for more information on the history of the fandom, which widely overlaps with Emslash).

Other real people he is paired with are his mentor Dr Dre, Proof, his D12 bandmate and friend since childhood, now sadly deceased, and 50 Cent, whose rap career he helped launch when Eminem signed him to his record label Shady Records.

Occasionally he is paired with other musicians such as Taylor Hanson[2][3] and UK popstar Robbie Williams.[4] When Lotrips fandom was in full bloom, writers began pairing him with Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood.

Eminem has also been paired with fictional characters, including Brian from Queer As Folk US,[5] Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer[6] and Alex Krycek from The X-Files. Slim Slash and Without Me's Restraint[7] series drew a number of X-Files and Fictional Person Fiction fans into RPF and Emslash. Sometimes Eminem is even paired with characters of his own creation, as in Embitca's story It Eats At You[8] featuring Stan the obsessed fan from the song of the same name.

Eminem slash fandom is centered around the Emslash LiveJournal community and in earlier days, several Yahoo! mailing lists. There are several slash story indexes.


Fics with Marshall's ex-wife Kim were common, as well as Mary Sue inserts and stories pairing him with female groupies and other original characters.

Shadyfiction.com is a het archive and discussion forum. One popular story archived there is Julie's Story, an Em/OFC fic posted 2003 - 2007 by Jenn, the site's owner.

8 Mile

There was a small movie fandom for 8 Mile[9] and fics were produced pairing Eminem's character B-Rabbit with Alex (played by Brittany Murphy) and Future [10](Mekhi Phifer). See the 8 Mile page for details.

Communities and Archives

Fan Community Nickname

Stans, after his song written from the perspective of an obsessed fan.

Mailing Lists

These are all dead or very quiet now.

  • eminemslashfic founded 2004
  • nsynceminemslash founded 2001
  • SlimBoneSlash - Eminem/AJ McLean, founded 2002
  • Boybands_Eminem founded 2001
  • Shameless-f was founded by Embitca in November 2002 as "an adult list for Eminem fan fiction. The list is slash-inclined, but het and gen-friendly and cross-over stories with fictional persons are very much encouraged. Stories from G to NC17 are accepted. All stories need to feature Eminem as a main character and all pairings are encouraged, except original characters. On-topic discussion relating to Eminem is welcome so feel free to bring on the meta-commentary [...] MPREG-ers will be taken out back and executed, unless your story is very frelling funny!"[11] It was deleted sometime between December 2003 and December 2004 (anyone know why?).


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