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Name: Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong
Also Known As: Dido
Occupation: Singer
Medium: Music
Works: See Dido discography
Official Website(s): didomusic.com
Fan Website(s): Dido (singer) on Wikipedia
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Dido is an English singer. Her songs are commonly used in fanvids and other fanworks.

Her 1999 debut album No Angel contained two of her most popular singles, "Here With Me" and "Thank You". "Thank You" is sampled in Eminem's "Stan", the source of the term for an obsessive fan.

"White Flag" is a hit single from Life for Rent (2003). When the song came out, one of its lyrics, "I will go down with this ship," became a motto for passionate shipping, appearing on many, many Livejournal icons, banner graphics and other website and blog decorations. A factor in the rapid adoption of this quote by fandom may have been the use of David Boreanaz (Angel) as Dido's stalker / love interest in the music video,[1] at a time when the Spuffy vs Bangel ship war was still arousing passions in Buffy fandom.

Example Fanworks Using Dido's Music


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