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Name: lily-fox
Alias(es): Susan, GingerHaole, bombay-gin, torreadora
Type: fanartist
Fandoms: Hanson, Supernatural (mostly Destiel), Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, Welcome to Night Vale, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Labyrinth (1986 film), Toy Story, Megamind, Community, etc.
URL: Lily-fox on Deviantart
Gingerhaole on Tumblr
Gingerhaole After Dark on Tumblr (NSFW)
Torreadora on Livejournal
Bombay Gin on Livejournal
Gingerhaole on Etsy
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lily-fox is a prolific fanartist who has produced artwork for a wide variety of fandoms, as well as a good deal of Original Character work. Prints of her artwork are often on sale in her Etsy shop.

Example Art