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Pairing: Jareth/Sarah Williams
Alternative name(s): JS
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Labyrinth
Canonical?: Non-canonical
Prevalence: Popular
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Jareth/Sarah is the most favored pairing in the Labyrinth fandom. It is the het ship of Sarah Williams, the main character of the movie, and Jareth, the antagonist.


In canon, the relationship between the two characters is quite complicated. They meet face to face for the first time when Sarah wishes away her younger brother Toby to the Goblin King (Jareth). Jareth then takes Toby. When Sarah regrets her actions Jareth tells her that if she completes the Labyrinth in thirteen hours she can have Toby back, but if not Toby stays with him.

The two are separate for most of the movie as Sarah runs the Labyrinth. They interact briefly in a vision Jareth conjures for Sarah (as a distraction). In the vision, they are at a masquerade ball. The two dance before Sarah realizes the illusion and breaks free. They next interact when Sarah arrives at Jareth’s palace to retrieve Toby. Jareth proclaims his love for Sarah, but Sarah rejects him and says the magic words that return her and Toby home.


Common Tropes & Themes

  • FutureFics, where Sarah returns to the Labyrinth as an adult usually by wishing again, Jareth taking her away, or Sarah stumbles back herself.
    • This usually leads to Sarah becoming the Goblin Queen with Jareth still as the Goblin King.

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