Lions and Tigers and Zines, Oh My!

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Title: Lions and Tigers and Zines, Oh My!
Publisher: Bill Hupe/New Leaf Publications/New Leaf Press
Editor(s): Bill Hupe
Date(s): 1993-?
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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front cover issue #1
back cover of issue #1

Lions and Tigers and Zines, Oh My! is a gen multimedia anthology.

Issue 1

Lions and Tigers and Zines, Oh My! 1 was published in 1993 and contains 439 pages.

Issue 2

Lions and Tigers and Zines, Oh My! 2 was published in 1994 and contains 260 pages.

front cover of issue #2, portrays Avon as The Tin Man, Doyle as the Cowardly Lion, Servalan as Dorothy, and Bodie as Toto from the Wizard of Oz
back cover of issue #2, from the movie Labyrinth (film), portrays Sarah and the Goblin King
  • Harmless (Dark Shadows) (3)
  • Beware of the God by Sheila Paulson (Real Ghostbusters/Magnum PI crossover) (4)
  • The Dragon’s Fire (Raven/Highlander crossover) (51)
  • One of Those Days (Dr. Who) (91)
  • To Make a Difference (Quantum Leap) (92)
  • Deadly Dreams (Land of the Giants) (94)
  • Mind Games (Buckaroo Banzai) (116)
  • Bat-wings (Batman) (157)
  • Gotham (Batman) (158)
  • Moonlight by Lisa H. Allen (X-Files) (159)
  • A Double-Edged Sword by Cindy Rancourt (The Real Ghostbusters) (164)
  • Mark Harris (Man From Atlantis) (176) (non-fiction)
  • Scattered Brains (ALF) (177)
  • Pride or Prejudice (Airwolf) (211)
  • Necessary Deception (Airwolf) (229)
  • The Legend (Robin of Sherwood) (242)
  • Born To Win (Gunsmoke) (243)
  • On the Brink by J. Karen Huff (MacGyver) (250)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Moonlight]: Moonlight" by Lisa H. Allen is a rather odd little vignette showcasing a dream from each of the agents. The dreams involve them having sex with each other, sublimated into odd fantasy imagery. Four and a half pages of medium-sized, dense type, with one pencil sketch at the end. [1]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Lions and Tigers and Zines Oh My! 3 was published in 1995 and contains 165 pages.

From an ad in The Monthly: "Includes FK by Calliope: when a woman is drawn to the remains of a burned out building, she encounters its lone inhabitant, a face that has haunted her in her dreams, and his name is LaCroix. An Equalizer story by Linda Knights -- McCall honors a plea for help, perhaps only to disprove the woman's claim that the enemy he may be searching for is a vampire. A Magnum P.I. story from Cindy Baker -- Rick's sister comes for a visit, desperate to lay certain ghosts from her past to rest. But ghosts don't blow up Ferraris."

Issue 3.5

Lions and Tigers and Zines Oh My! 3.5 Digest-sized. It contains 93 pages including an Equalizer/Highlander crossover novella ("Past Imperfect") by Lorraine A. Scherrer. "

From the publisher: "This actually contains a story that is a sequel to a novella in issue #4. (Don't ask how we reversed the numbers! The explanation is longer than this fanzine!)"

Issue 4

Lions and Tigers and Zines, Oh My! 4 was published in 1996 and has 178 pages.

front cover of issue #4
  • To Take Thy Wings (11 pages) (Batman Forever/The Shadow)
  • Hour of the Shadows (4 pages) (Batman Forever/The Shadow)
  • A Tale of Two Cities (18 pages) (Real Ghostbusters/Batman and Robin)
  • Sealed Without a Kiss by Sheila Paulson (25 pages) (Real Ghostbusters)
  • The Long Day by A.M. Walker (2 pages) (Starsky and Hutch)
  • The Flood by A.M. Walker (8 pages) (Starsky and Hutch)
  • An ALF in the Hand (15 pages) (Alf/X-Files)
  • A Different Path by Lorraine A. Scherrer (44 pages) (prequel to Past Imperfect in previous issue) (Equalizer/Highlander crossover)
  • Keeper (3 pages) (Fantastic Journey)
  • Warped Reflections (43 pages) (Jake & the Fatman script)
  • cartoons by Leah Rosenthal

Issue 5

Lions and Tigers and Zines, Oh My! 5

Issue 6

Lions and Tigers and Zines, Oh My! 6


  1. from X-Talk #1