Sam Beckett

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Name: Sam Beckett
Occupation: Scientist, time-traveler
Fandom: Quantum Leap
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Sam Beckett is the protagonist of Quantum Leap.


He is a scientist who has discovered a unique time travel method, but the machine went wrong on activation: He can travel to the past, but only within the years of his own lifetime - and he experiences the past through the eyes of a random person, whose body he inhabits and controls. He receives communications from the future via a neural connection to his computer and holographic visits from his friend Al Calavicci. In each episode, he must fix some "wrong" related to his host before he moves on to the next, and tries to figure out how to get out of the endless series of jumps into the bodies and lives of random strangers.

Sam had a wife named Donna, a character who fans mostly reviled.


Sam Beckett is most commonly (and almost only) shipped with Al Calavicci (Sam/Al); almost half the Quantum Leap works at Archive of Our Own have the two of them together, and older zines are split between gen and slash featuring the two of them.

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