As Time Goes Bye

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See also As Time Goes By (disambiguation).

Title: As Time Goes Bye
Publisher: Featherpaw Press
Editor(s): see below
Date(s): 1992-1993
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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As Time Goes Bye is a gen Quantum Leap anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

As Time Goes Bye 1 was published in 1992 and contains 108 pages. Edited by Vicki L. Martin and H. Ann Walton. Includes stories by Nancy Klaushie, Cheryl Benson, Mary Robertson, Catherine O'Hearne, Jackie Wagner, Brenda A., Rebecca Reeves and Gillian Holt. Story summaries and a review can be found here.

  • A Look Before Leaping by Nancy Klauschie (10 pages)
  • The Beginning (poem) by Melissa Mastoris (2 pages)
  • The Shadow of a Doubt by Cheryl Benson (9 pages)
  • Thank You, Al (poem) by Heidi Bloebaum (1 page)
  • Things In Their Season by Mary Robertson (4 pages)
issue #1 table of contents, click to read

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Four out of five stars... poor art but wonderful stories. "The Courier" - Catherine O'Hearn. Sam meets a Revelutionary War ghost. "Living Doll" - Jackie Wagner. Every fan's dream - Sam and Al dolls to play with. "T'Was the Leap Before Christmas" - Brenda A.. another WOTW cross-universe story with Sam as Harrison Blackwood, at least he's a fellow astrophysicist. "Future Paths" - Rebecca Reeves. A leaper gets to influence a Congressional hearing on the project, from the inside. "Another Face Reflecting off the Wall" - Gillian Holt. A veterns reunion in 1993. (1993 FanQ nominee - Favorite QL story).[1]

Issue 2

cover of issue 2

As Time Goes Bye 2 was published in 1993. It was edited by Glenda K. Jordon and Shannon R. Huckabay and has 280 pages. Artwork by Lana Claussen, Jana Claussen, Shannon Huckabay, and H. Ann Walton.

Issue 3

As Time Goes Bye 3 was published in 1993 and contains 92 pages.

cover of issue #3


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