Brenda A.

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Name: Brenda A.
Type: fanwriter, zine editor
Fandoms: Quantum Leap, Real Ghostbusters, Simon & Simon, Stargate SG-1, War of the Worlds
URL: at; as Brenda A at bunnyfic; as Brenda at bunnyfic
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Brenda A. is a fanwriter in several fandoms, but perhaps best known in Stargate: SG1.


  • Time Out won the 1989 FanQ for best Simon & Simon zine.
  • Points in Time won the 2003 FanQ for SG-1 zine.
  • Brenda is a SG-1 zine with all of Brenda's gen stories. It is the third volume of the Showcase Special series that is supposed to "reflect some of the best of an era of fandom that was magical and innocent and just purely lovely."
  • Brenda & ELG is a SG-1 anthology with fiction co-written by Brenda and ELG. It features the '12 Days of Bunnyfic' and 'Awakenings' series and it is part of the Ancient's Gate Showcase Special series.