Brenda & ELG (Stargate SG-1 zine)

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Title: Brenda & ELG (Stargate SG-1 zine)
Publisher: Ancient's Gate
Date(s): 2007
Medium: print, online
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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Brenda & ELG is a slash Stargate SG-1 anthology zine published in 2007, collecting stories originally published online, co-written by Brenda A. and ELG. It contains 275 pages and features the '12 Days of Bunnyfic' and 'Awakenings' series. It is part of Ancient's Gate Showcase Special series.

"For those who have never before been exposed to a Brenda and Lori joint venture bunnyfic you need to bear in mind that these stories are unbelievably *soppy* and about as smarmy as it is possible to get without actually lapsing into a sugar coma. Frankly, if you're diabetic, I wouldn't risk it. They also have quite a lot of sex in them. (Hey, you give us bendable poseable gatestuds to play with, we're going to *play* with them.) Apart from that they're pretty harmless."[1]

12 Days of Bunnyfic

  • 01 Command Performance - Apophis tells Jack to mate with Daniel or he'll give him to his Jaffa. Once rescued, the boys carry on where they left off.
  • 02 New Ground - Takes place during and after New Ground
  • 03 Honeymoon Jack - Jack and Daniel ahem 'christen' the Briefing Room.
  • 04 Comfort and Joy - Daniel gets hurt. Jack makes them both feel better.
  • 05 Too Close for Comfort - After Daniel almost gets raped by priests Jack is not a happy camper.
  • 06 Bored Daniel - Jack is watching hockey. Daniel wants Jack to play with him instead.
  • 07 Boys in Bed - Um - the boys decide to spend a day in bed. There is some bondage, a blindfold, and ice cream involved.
  • 08 Patient Safety aka Doctor's Orders - Daniel finds out just how bad a patient Jack can be.
  • 09 Large Victories - After Small Victories (S4), Jack and Daniel are reunited.
  • 10 Alpha Jack - Jack comes home from a mission expecting an apology from Daniel, only to find Daniel has very different ideas.
  • 11 Recovery Position - After the events of The First Ones (S4), Jack and Daniel celebrate Daniel's return home.
  • 12 New Year's Resolution - Jack and Daniel learn an important lesson about life...

Unrelated Stories

  • Balance Restored - Although Daniel has been restored to human form and his memory is coming back there is something about his relationship with Jack that he still doesn't remember.
  • Awakenings - When Daniel is kidnapped by slave traders, Jack has to make alliances with people he neither likes nor trusts to get him back.


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