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For other fans named Leah S. see Leah (disambiguation).

Name: Leah S. (please do not link her legal name here)
Alias(es): Cat Moon, Catmoon, Peruvian Gypsy, Pfain Rhyder
Type: writer & fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch, Quantum Leap, Blake's 7, Sentinel, and Moonlight (TV)
URL: fan fiction archive
Sentinel Fan Fiction
Quantum Leap Fan Fiction
at AO3
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Leah S. wrote slash, gen & het fan fiction in a variety of fandoms.

She also published fanzines under the name "Quantum Fire Press" and "NoShaman Press."

Comments Regarding Permissions

From The Handlink #2:

For the record: I, [Leah S], give permission to anyone wishing to copy any of my out-of-print zines for a friend. Current OOP zines are: DreamChaser, Leaps From Hell, (Quantum Fire #1-4 will follow shortly). This does not apply to large-volume copying for bootlegging purposes, only to sharing among friends without profit involved.

From The Handlink #3:

I will be making some of the stories written by me and printed in multi-media zines available to those who want to read them. As the author, final right over the story is mine, as copyright laws in the U.S. now apply whether copyright has been formally sought or not (my rights applying only to those parts of the story which are original and not previously copyrighted characters), and in instances where I haven't signed away my rights. A few editors request that a writer not release their material for a period of one year; I will comply with that request. Also, as a courtesy, I will only share stories that have been in print for over a year and only in multi-media zines. These will be my original versions of the stories, not the edited ones that appear in the zines (although rarely will there be much of a difference in versions). If this offends anyone, I'm sorry. These are my stories, and my right to share them without profit involved — hey, let’s be honest — none of us really has legal rights over this material.