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Are you looking for the fanzine publisher Quantum Fire Press?

Title: Quantum Fire
Publisher: Quantum Fire Press, Moon Magick Productions
Editor(s): Leah S. with assistance by Imajiru
Date(s): 1992-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Quantum Fire is a slash Quantum Leap anthology.

From Media Monitor: "A series of stories exploring the growth of Sam and Al's relationship... Have you ever read a story and wished the author had further explored the same 'universe'? Do you want stimulating plot as well as stimulating sex? Then you'll enjoy the Quantum Fire series. Both relationships and leaps are highlighted. Best read in order."

Reactions and Reviews

I always felt that Sam and Al met at a much younger age, perhaps when Sam first went to college. (M.I.T.? as per other, earlier series references?) But then, my Aftermath Universe in [Leah S's] "Quantum Fire" zines reflects this. The stories in the Aftermath series were written when I first got into the show, and shows most accurately my initial perceptions - my overall viewpoint of the show's history. Although I have taken several liberties with the timelines and Sam and Al's histories. But that's the beauty of QL, isn't it? With Sam leaping around and changing history at will, a small timeline shift can account for anything you wish... [1]


"AngelFire Universe" by Leah S.

From issue #2:

As the AngelFire series began, Sam leaped home, but he was destined to leap out again before the night was over. Lonely and tired of strangers, he asked Al to make love to him. Sam then continued on his journey, neither of them remembering their brief time together.

Al ran into Theresa Bruckner, she ended up working on the project.

Donna, running out of wifely patience, decided to leave Sam to pursue her own career. Meanwhile, Sam leaped into a friend of hers the day before she jilted her first fiance'. Guilty about his wrongs against her, Sam decided to play matchmaker.

In subsequent leaps, each man began to realize how deep his love for his friend really was. Both were afraid to admit their feelings, even to themselves. When Sam ran into an Al look-alike in his travels, the leader of a coven of gay Witches, his repressed desires led him into an affair with the man. Unsure of Al's reaction and thinking it his secret, Sam never mentioned the extent of the relationship to him.

Finally, a leap into a nudist colony was the trigger which led to them admitting their love for each other. The question--how will they handle the relationship while Sam continues to leap? Sam finished his job there, and leaped...

From issue #7:

Back by popular demand, you'll find a few more brief glimpses into my AngelFire Universe.. Sorry there isn't more, hut demands from the "mundane" world lately have cut down on my fandom time considerably. For those of you not familiar with this series or needing a reminder, it started out in Quantum Fire i, with Sam and Al realising their feelings for each other while Sam was leaping. A rough road ahead of them, they had to deal with leaps and love...and the fact that Donna had given birth to Sam and Al's son. Finally, in Quantum Fire 4, Sam leaped home.

"The Lachesis Universe" by Davina Periera

From issue #7:

This series by Davina J. Pereira explores some interesting concepts, and shows how Sam's changing one event in the past can drastically alter his own world. It encompasses both mid and post-leaping. Davina has told me she has more ideas for this universe, so hopefully well see more of this Sam and Al in future QFs. Note: this story does not contain any gratuitous sexual violence, although a violent theme is explored in the first story.

"The Aftermath Universe" by Imajiru

"Past Imperfect Universe" by Imajiru

"The Shame Universe" by Leah S.

"The Odyssey Universe" by Gena Durrell

"Sabbatical Universe" by Susan Gibel

From issue #7:

This series by Susan Gibel chronicles Sam and Al's relationship and the changes in Al's personal life after ^Mirror Image." I'd say more, but I don't want to give away the plot - you'll just have to read and find out for yourself. There is a bit off off-camera violence implied.

"The Harmony Universe" by J.D. Rush

"The Threshold Universe" by Leah S.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Quantum Fire 1 contains 129 pages and was published in August 1992. The fiction was written by Leah S. and is part of her AngelFire Universe.

This was the third slash Quantum Leap zine published.

From a 1993 ad: "A collection of Sam/Al stories testing the boundaries of timeless love."

  • Somewhere in the Night(1)
  • Dreams of Angels, poem (7)
  • Hushaby (8)
  • A Time for Promises (11)
  • I've Got a Crush on You, Sweetie-Pie (15)
  • Megrez (16)
  • Let It Be Me, poem (19)
  • Yesterday's Blues (20)
  • Coven of Dreams (30)
  • Promise Me a Carousel (46)
  • Sam, poem (63)
  • Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (64)
  • Quantum Reality Universe Table of Contents (80)

Reaction and Reviews: Issue 1

It has 2 separate sets of stories about Sam and Al's growing relationship. Some good angst, but it's really hard to make love to a neurological hologram. These dealt with the "Donna" issue pretty well, though. This zine is, oh, a 6 or 6.5 out of 10. Still not believable as a whole, but it had its moments. [2]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Quantum Fire 2 contains 139 pages and was published in January 1993. They are AngelFire Universe stories written by Leah S. It was published by Moon Magick Productions.

  • Walk Through Fire (Angelfire Universe) (4)
  • Part of Me, poem (Angelfire Universe) (20)
  • Let It Be Me (Angelfire Universe) (21)
  • King of the Road (Angelfire Universe) (53)
  • Quantum Slash ad page (72)
  • Changes by Gena Durell (Odyssey Universe) (73)
  • Dulcinea by Gena Durell (Odyssey Universe) (87)
  • Who Killed Randy Reindeer? by Gena Durell (Odyssey Universe) (108)
  • Forever by Gena Durell (Odyssey Universe) (121)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, the quote on the cover is from a 1985 Rush song called "Power Windows."

Quantum Fire 3 was published in May 1993 and contains 150 pages. The art is by Ziggy.

It was published by Moon Magick Productions-West.

They are AngelFire Universe stories written by Leah S..

AngelFire Flashback: In the last issue, Sam was wounded by the wife of the man he leaped into, who was suffering from multiple personality disorder. To save his life, Al stepped into the Accelerator, leaping to his side. While there, Al confessed that Donna had married Sam, but recently left to pursue her own career.

Because they were touching when they leaped out, they ended up in the next leap together, as a boyfriend and girlfriend who's parents were against their relationship. Finally being able to physically express their feelings for each other, and not having access to Ziggy, complicated the leap. They finally managed to solve the problem, complete with a wedding ceremony marrying the two young people a ceremony that Sam and Al took seriously themselves.

The next leap found Sam at home and Al as a hobo in a freight car. They had to save the life of the man Al leaped into, and deal with being separated again. Al completed the job, and leaped...

  • True Love Travels on a Gravel Road (Angelfire Universe) (4)
  • Broken Dreams (Angelfire Universe) (16)
  • You Are My Sunshine (Angelfire Universe) (33)
  • The Hologram and Mrs. King (Angelfire Universe) (37)
  • One of These Dreams (Angelfire Universe) (57)
  • Like a Prayer by Gena Durrell (Odyssey Universe) (71)
  • Winds of Change by Gena Durrell (Odyssey Universe) (83)
  • Nature of the Beast by Gena Durrell (Odyssey Universe) (93)
  • Bells of the Angels by Gena Durrell (Odyssey Universe) (98)
  • Past Imperfect by Imajiru (Past Imperfect Universe) (103)
  • Past Implausible by Imajiru (Past Imperfect Universe) (111)
  • Aftermath by Imajiru (Past Imperfect Universe) (119)
  • Sam C. Beckett by Imajiru (Past Imperfect Universe) (146)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Quantum Fire 4 was published in February 1994 and contains 158 pages. They are AngelFire Universe stories written by Leah S.

It was published by Moon Magick Productions.


  • (1) Reason To Live (6 pages)
  • (2) Leaping On Thin Ice (9 pages)
  • (3) Lovin’ Every Minute Of It (3 pages)
  • (4) No Greater Joy (9 pages)


  • (1) Aftermath Part Two: Reminiscences (46 pages)
  • (2) Carry That Weight (50 pages)


  • (1) Shameless (6 pages)
  • (2) Forbidden Fruit (8 pages)
  • (3) Easier Said Than Done (17 pages)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Quantum Fire 5 was published in October 1994 and contains 140 pages.

It was published by Quantum Fire Press.

  • Prelude to a Kiss by J.D. Rush (Harmony Universe, It’s August 1998. Sam has finally leaped home, only to discover his feelings for Al have changed. Will Al feel the same way?) (5)
  • Strange Tales from the Road by J.D. Rush (Harmony Universe, Sam and Al take a sometimes funny road trip back to Indiana, with a side stop in Boston...) (24)
  • Stanzas to Albert by J.D. Rush (Harmony Universe, another side trip to Maine, where Sam expresses his devotion to Al the only way he knows how.) (44)
  • On the Threshold of a Dream (Threshold Universe) (63)
  • Son of a Preacher (Threshold Universe) (84)
  • Hostages of Time (Threshold Universe) (102)

The Harmony Universe:

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

[Prelude to a Kiss]: I'm a french fan of the show and in first i must say i'm very happy i've found your archive. I love "prelude to a kiss" because it was the first slash story about Quantum Leap i read, and it's sooooo well-writen ! Actually, i prefer Al than Sam (just a little !) and i think it's great to make him tell the story because i feel like we learn more about him. Before discovering this webpage, i was thinking, what about if Al & Sam were lovers ? This story is just the right way to describe them as lovers & soulmates. Ok, i must leap now, so see you soon, and by the way, I WANT MORE FANFICS !!! [3]

[zine]: The no-touch condition has not slowed down slash fandom for QL, though it has created some twists. A zine I've just received, Quantum Fire #5, may be taken as an example of most usual ways of coping: One story series starts with Sam's final return from Leaping and details the start of an affair from that point. Aside from the opening episode, it has virtually nothing to do with the characters or situation outlined in QL on screen, though it's readable as prose and fairly hot as romantic, openly sexual slash. It's just not based on QL the show in any non-trivial way. The other story series follows the show format in which each Leap has its problems that must be solved, while it works through an ongoing character plot for Sam and Al. They don't touch or even communicate in words about their growing awareness of love for each other until the last story-and-Leap which brings in a well-drawn but quite arbitrary device to allow them to touch and resolve the growing tension they both feel on the subject. It ends with Sam Leaping yet again, with no certainty that Al won't be an untouchable hologram in the next Leap and for all they know, forever. This uses the screen situation and the characters' problems based on it to better effect, but prevents anything but internal-to-each- character progress toward slash except under special circumstances which the author must create in virtual contradiction of the show's premise. [4]

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Quantum Fire 6 was published in October 1995 and contains 134 pages. It contains fiction by Leah S. and J.D. Rush.

  • Prologue (5 pages)
  • You Can Never Go Home Again…(And Other Myths Of Modern Life) by J.D. Rush (The Harmony Universe) (36 pages)
  • The Bride Wore White Tie and Tails by J.D. Rush (The Harmony Universe) (35 pages)
  • Leaping Makes Strange Bedfellows (15 pages)
  • Mirror Of My Soul (18 pages)
  • Misty Watercolor (17 pages)
  • Shooting Star (2 pages)

Issue 7

Quantum Fire 7 was published in October 1996 and contains 132 pages.

cover of issue #7

From the flyer: "None of the stories in this zine eroticize or glorify violence, nor do they contain excessive amounts of graphic brutality. There are mature and sometimes unpleasant subject matters explored, and some brief violence. Contains adult sexual material and will not be sold to minors. Age statement is required for first-time orders."

Summaries from the flyer.

  • "The Sabbatical Universe" by Susan Gibel. This universe deals with events after Mirror Image. Susan deals sensitively and intriguingly with the changes in Al's life and his relationship with Sam. Sometimes, we see the mirror of our own lives in others'.
  • "The AngelFire Universe" by Leah S. A few brief glimpses into Sam's life now that he's leaped home and been reunited with Al and their son Peter. Due to the small amount of pages in this issue, the availability of previous AngelFire stories to those who haven't read them (write for info), and the recap in the intro., those who haven't read this universe before need not postpone buying the zine.
  • "The Lachesis Universe" by Davina Periera. The events of a seemingly routine leap have un-dreamed of repercussions for Sam. How one man can innocently throw a pebble in a stream, and how fate plays its hand in our lives and destiny.


AngelFire Universe

  • Shades of Bubbles (5)
  • Vows (7)
  • Rainy Days and Sunshine Nights (9)
  • Something to be Thankful for (11)

Lachesis Universe

  • Delaying the Inevitable (15)
  • Change of Heart (33)
  • Marking Time (49)

Sabbatical Universe

  • Stranger in a Strange Land (64)
  • Love in Two Dialects (70)
  • All That Faith Creates, or Love Desires (104)

Issue 8

Quantum Fire 8 contains 148 pages.

The art is by R. Neville.

  • The Romance Universe by Carol Zara ("A series of stories inspired by Scott Bakula's play, "Romance, Romance." Includes the first four stories as originally printed in Leapin' Friskys (with permission), plus ten brand new installments! If you enjoyed the beginning of Sam and Al's romance, and want to find out what happens next (including a few surprises), you won't want to miss these!")
  • The Innocence Universe by Lori Smith ("With Sam suffering from despair and guilt over what he considers a leap failed, Al takes a dangerous risk to bring his friend home. Does it destroy two lives, or open up a whole new future for both? Note: this universe deals with subject matter that some people may be sensitive to. So as not to spoil anything for the rest, if certain topics disturb you, drop me a line and I'll be happy to explain details. (QFP's policy concerning sexual violence has not changed; we're talking a different kind of sensitive here.")


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