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Name: Imajiru
Alias(es): J.R., [J M R], Imajiru Mackenzie
Type: writer, archivist, website owner, fansite designer, font developer
Fandoms: Forever Knight, X-Files, The Real Ghostbusters, Battle of the Planets, Blake's 7, Quantum Leap
URL: Imajiru's Fiction
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Imajiru was a prolific author of Forever Knight and X-Files fan fiction, and a former moderator of the FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU mailing list. From 1998 to 2002, she kept an archive of Forever Knight screen captures at Immajer's Screen Capture Archive! (archived). She also created immajer-FK, the Forever Knight True Type font, which she based on the font used in the series logo; and she provided the website design for the main Forever Knight fanfiction archive, Under the pseudonym "Cinderella", she was the warleader for Forever Knight War Eight in 1997.

Imajiru died in 2021.

A Fan's Comments: 1999

Imajiru is the author of the Departure series. Departure I began pre-Tunguska. Imajiru described it as "a Departure from the norm all around."

It was very popular, and Imajiru followed it up with a sequel in which Fox and Alex continue their relationship... until they face a bug, red-headed bump in the road. She soon wrote Departure 2.5, which filled in some missing time towards the end of part two.

Finally, she topped things off this year with Departure III, the follow up to the first two parts, in which the ends are tied up, and there's finally a happy ending. The entire series totals over 800k.

Imajiru also wrote six other M/K stories. White Russian on a Beach and Bailey's Irish Creme are her "alcohol stories" though the focus is definitely not on drinking. Birmingham shows us a view of the M/K relationship from a third party. Quicksand (co-authored with Rachel) gives us hurt/comfort at it's best. Resistance is shockingly AU, but is lovely and heartwarming nonetheless. And, last but not least is a breathtakingly bittersweet vignette, Peace, in which something so perfect is not meant to be, no matter how hard they try.

Imajiru is also the author of several other X-Files stories, which are mostly MSR, but also include a Mulder/Krycek/Scully peice. She writes in other fandoms, including NightRider.[1]

In Memory

On 6 July 2021, Jean Prior notified the FORKNI-L list members of Imajiru's death.

The Passing of One of Our Own

It is with deep sorrow that I inform you of the passing of one of our former listowners.  We knew them as [redacted], aka Imajiru, but they left those names behind years ago when they reinvented themselves.  I had the fortune of meeting them once at DragonCon in the early 2000s, but when they left our company, I lost touch with them.

I ran across them again a few years ago in the Lord of the Rings Online player community under the name Wayward Plane, where we both served as content creators allowed to stream gameplay on the Standing Stone Games official game channel on Twitch.  I still fondly remember casually mentioning the list in the context of some conversation or other and then getting a rather incredulous (and profane) private message identifying themselves.  They had become an integral part of the rocket launch enthusiast scene down in Florida, attending (or simply watching) numerous flights from Kennedy Space Center and being well-known amongst folks such as ULA's Tory Bruno.

While things were not perfect under their tenure as listowner, they did improve their lot and wisdom in the intervening years, and I was glad to have their company online playing a much beloved game together and with friends.  Their passing diminishes both their primary fandoms, and I for one shall miss them.

List Founder and Instigator of Shenanigans.

Responses include the following:

I'm sorry to hear of their passing. Unlike vampires, we all seem to be aging... but in the absence of IRL vampires (and I'm sure many of us would not want to be IRL vamps), it's better than the alternative.

Brenda, to FORKNI-L on 6 July 2021

I joined the list too late to know (the person who used to be) Imajiru; but I have, of course, encountered their fanworks many times. Their screencaps are on a lot of old websites; their stories are fantastic; and, of course, they made the FK font that I have often used in headers and icons. [...] As Brenda says, time keeps inexorably passing; and we keep losing old friends.

Greer, to FORKNI-L on 7 July 2021

Fan Fiction

The following is a list of Imajiru's fan fiction:

Forever Knight

Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman)

The Real Ghostbusters

Blake's 7

The X-Files

Fiction is archived here.

Quantum Leap