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Mailing List
Name: [email protected]
Date(s): September 1992-present
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Lisa McDavid/Don Fasig (current)
Founder(s): Jean Prior
Type: discussion
Fandom: Forever Knight
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ForKNI-L[1] is a mailing list devoted to the Forever Knight fandom. It has the distinction of being one of the first online fannish mailing lists, having been started on December 9, 1992 by Jean Prior, just a couple of months after Virgule Mailing List. Subsequent list owners include Laurie Salopek, Imajiru, and Lisa McDavid/Don Fasig (current).

Initially, as with the other PSU mailing lists, posts to ForKNI-L were automatically archived on the servers. As the list became very high traffic in the mid-90s, it was eventually agreed to discontinue this feature as a condition of the list continuing to be hosted by PSU.[2]

During the early years of the list, when new episodes of Forever Knight were still being aired, there was an elaborate procedure in place to avoid revealing information to fans who might not yet have seen an episode. On 16 February 1995, a separate list (FKSPOILR) was created to simplify the procedure, making its official debut at 5:54 EST on February 23. After the final episode of the series was broadcast on 17 May 1996, the FKSPOILR list was closed on 11 June 1996.

List Info


The most usual pronunciation of the list name is ""for-NIGH-el".

In 1996, an unofficial poll was conducted by Amy, Lady of the Knight that elicited 13 different pronunciations for FORKNI-L. Forty people participated in the poll, with the following results:[3]

  • for-nigh-el 11
  • fork-nigh-el 5
  • "for Nigel" 4
  • "The List" 3
  • fork-nee-el 3
  • fork-nigh 3
  • fork-nite 3
  • fork-nil 2
  • fork-nee 2
  • for-nee-el 1
  • for-nik-el 1
  • for-nite-el 1
  • for-nigh 1

Usage of Fan Terms

As a general rule, the Forever Knight fandom that centres on ForKNI-L (as opposed to FK fandom in other locations, such as LiveJournal or continues to employ the following terminology, usually associated with older fandoms:

  • "adult" fan fiction includes both het and slash, and is used to refer to stories that are more or less explicit.
  • "slash" is used for both m/m and f/f.
  • "adult" is sometimes contrasted with "gen", which includes non-explicit relationship-based fiction.
  • originally "couple faction" was used to refer to romantic associations between characters; later both the terms "relationship" and "pairing" have been employed. (The term "'ship" is virtually unknown.)


Since August 2000, ForKNI-L posts have been archived by Nancy Braman on the website KnightWind's Nook[1]. Also archived there are the posts from January to June 1996.

In addition, posts from 1 Jan 1998 to 7 February 1998 are archived on the Knight's Loft website.


  1. ^ The abbreviation of the name of the list is variously capitalized as ForKNI-L, ForKni-L, or FORKNI-L.
  2. ^ Post made by Lisa McDavid to FORKNI-L on 26 May 2014.
  3. ^ Taken from Amy's post to [email protected] on 1 April 1996, archived on KnightWind's Nook