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Mailing List
Date(s): 16 February 1995 - 11 June 1996
Moderated: yes
Founder(s): Laurie Salopek
Type: discussion of recent episodes
Fandom: Forever Knight
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[1]FKSPOILR@LISTS.PSU.EDU[2] was a mailing list created by Laurie Salopek on 16 February 1995 for discussion of spoilers for the television series Forever Knight. It was started with the permission and assistance of Jean Prior, owner of ForKNI-L, the main discussion list for the fandom.

At the time, Forever Knight was still in production. Since the series was available in multiple markets, not all members of ForKNI-L would necessarily have been able to see the most recent episodes. So that those who had done so would be able to discuss the latest show with one another yet not give away the plot to people who had not yet seen it, a separate list was established.

The final episode of the series was broadcast on 17 May 1996. The FKSPOILR list was closed on 11 June 1996.


Posts for May and June 1996 are archived on Knightwind's Nook.


Forkni-L members who had "topics=all" in their setting were automatically added to the new list. Instructions were then provided on how to remove (or add) oneself so people had the option.[3]

On Thursday, February 23, Laurie Salopek posted a notice to Forkni-L that as of the 24th, members should use the FKSpoilR list for all spoiler postings.[4]

The first FKSpoilR post ("This is a TEST") and digest ("FKSPOILR Digest - <firstever> to 23 Feb 1995") were released at 5:54 EST on February 23, 1995.

[FKSPOILR] was dedicated to discussing episodes as soon as you saw them - sometimes even before an episode ended there'd be commentary. The discussions tended to be lively with a lot of quick exchanges. After an episode had shown in all areas and people had a chance to see it, general discussion move to FORKNI-L.—Don Fasig (current moderator of ForKNI-L)[5]

Forever Knight cast and crew members were known to have been subscribed to FKSpoilr during its lifetime. Nigel Bennett (the actor who played LaCroix) posted to the list, while other cast and crew members lurked. Prior to the list shut-down, Bennett made a final post to the list, including his thoughts on the final episode, "Last Knight".[6]


Besides the obvious fact that, with the end of the series, there were no new episodes to "spoil", the following reason has also been cited for the closure of the list.

Let me stress to everyone that our lists are a *MAJOR* drain on PSU's listserver. We have well over 1000 ppl on FORKNI-L now. It generates two or three or four digests a day. People at PSU are getting really cranky about how much space on their allegedly academic listserver is being taken up by non-academic lists. By no means are we the only non-ac lists on here, but we are prolly their biggest non-ac drain. That makes us a target. So, giving up FKSPOILR could possibly give us a slightly longer lease on the FORKNI-L/FKFIC-L lease on life.—Jaye[7]

The listowner, Jaye, sent the list a two-week warning on a list post dated May 30, 1996, in which she indicated the termination of FKSPOILR was not only due to the end of the series, but to provide the FORKNI-L an opportunity to continue on the PSU system. Warning about the impending demise of the FKSPOILR list was provided several times prior to the list shut down. The list was scheduled for termination on Monday, June 10, 1996. During this period, some of the list rules were relaxed to allow for good-bye posts to the list.

The actual final post appears to have been from Amy R. on Tue, 11 Jun 1996 11:27:44 EDT,[8] which leads one to suspect the list was terminated at approximately noon EDT, June 11, 1996. No users were required to unsubscribe: the termination of the list automatically invalided all subscriptions.


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