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Name: Forever Knight Wiki
Owner/Maintainer: Gaylin Walli (Kodia)[1]
Dates: 26 December 2007 -- present
Topic: Forever Knight
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The Forever Knight Wiki, hosted on FANDOM, is a wiki designed to provide an encyclopedic reference for topics related to the television series Forever Knight, its fictional universe, and its fandom. The Forever Knight Wiki was created 26 December 2007 by Kodia (Gaylin Walli).[1] It currently contains 5000+ pages and 3000+ image files.


For over a year after creating the Wiki, Kodia had little assistance; and the Wiki remained quite small.

However, in July 2008, Susan M. Garrett — who had been creating a set of pages for Forever Knight at Fan History Wiki — decided, on hearing of the controversy over its outing policy, that she would take Kodia's invitation to port her material to the Forever Knight Wiki. Greer Watson, who had been assisting Susan at Fan History, made the move with her.

Although there are other working users, these three were the principal contributors until Susan's death in 2010.


The Forever Knight Wiki takes as its purview all matters relating to the show and its fandom. It covers the series itself: its episodes and characters; the production of the series (including actors, screenwriters, sets, locations, and props); and subsequent professional publication of the series (including DVDs and tie-in novels). It is also designed to record the activities of Forever Knight fandom (including factions, Wars, fanzines, websites, conventions, and awards), and provide a fan fiction directory.

Articles on the Forever Knight Wiki may be written from either a primary- or secondary-world perspective. Articles relating to the production of the television series or to fan activities typically employ the former perspective, in which the characters and events of the show are treated as fictional and the actors, sets, production staff, and fans are treated as real. On the other hand, articles relating directly to the characters or the events of the episodes typically employ a perspective that treats them as real, with any primary-world information restricted either to infoboxes or subsections lower on the page.

The following articles relate to chronology: Timeline of Forever Knight Fandom, Flashback timeline (referencing the long life of Nicolas de Brabant), and Timeline by Date.


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