Gaylin Walli

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Name: Gaylin Walli
Alias(es): Jasmine, Kodia
Type: webmistress, archivist, author
Fandoms: Forever Knight
Communities: ForKNI-L
Other: creator of the First Unofficial Forever Knight Website, admin/sysop for the Forever Knight Wiki
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Gaylin Walli is the creator of the First Unofficial Forever Knight Website, which was the first Forever Knight fan site to appear on the World Wide Web. In the early days of the Forever Knight mailing list, ForKNI-L, she generally called herself "Jasmine", and is credited thus on the website.

In 2007, Gaylin returned to her interest in documenting all aspects of the series by creating the Forever Knight Wiki, where she uses the name "Kodia". That, in both instances, she began with a section on the vampires in Forever Knight is an indication of the particular direction of her interest. However, the scope of both website and wiki then proceeded to spiral out to include extensive background material on the show.

Gaylin is also an author of Forever Knight fan fiction, and a member of the Ravenettes faction.

Fan Fiction

  • "The Cream-Filled Cookie Blues"[1]