KnightWind's Nook

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Name: KnightWind's Nook
Owner/Maintainer: Nancy Braman
Dates: 2000 - present
Type: archive
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: KnightWind's Nook
Screen capture of the index page of the KnightWind's Nook website.
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Knightwind's Nook is a Forever Knight fan website belonging to Nancy Braman. Besides a small collection of her stories, the site archives some of the posts from Forever Knight mailing lists—most particularly, posts to FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU from 2000 to the present.

Contents of the Site

The KnightWind's Nook website contains the following (as of April 2016):

  • a page describing how Nancy Braman first discovered Forever Knight[1]
  • archived mailing list digests:
  • fan fiction (all by Nancy Braman):[1]
    • "Nick's Christmas Miracle"
      (posted to FKFIC-L on 17 December 1998)
    • "When In Doubt, Throw It Out"
      (posted to FKFIC-L on 11 January 1999)
    • "LaCroix Pays Up"
      (posted to the 4everknightfanatics list on 11 September 2000)
    • "Glimpses: A Nick & Nat Vignette"
      (posted to both FKFIC-L and the NNPack list on 13 June 2002)
    • "The Case of the Caffeinated Vampire"
      (posted to FKFIC-L 16 April 2003)
    • "It's October 12!"
      (posted to FKFIC-L 11 October 2003)


  1. ^ The dates of the stories come from the index page for fan fiction on the KnightWind's Nook site.