Coming Out of the Dark (Blake's 7 story)

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Title: Coming Out of the Dark
Author(s): J.R.
Date(s): November 1994
Fandom(s): Blake's 7
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Coming Out of the Dark is a Blake's 7 Avon/Blake (with some Cally/Jenna, Blake/Jenna and Avon/Cally) story by J.R..

It was published in Southern Comfort #8.5.

Part of a Trilogy

  • Beyond the Far Horizon (Avon/Blake) ("Avon and Blake are surprised to realize that they are hopelessly in love...even though they can't seem to get along for more than an hour at a time!") (16 pages)
  • Echoes of Love (Avon/Blake, with Avon/Soolin and Cally/Jenna) (33 pages)
  • Coming Out of the Dark (36 pages)

Reactions and Reviews

Overall I enjoyed the three stories, but I do have some complaints. If I wanted to read K/S, I'd pull out one of a zillion K/S zines I own. Blake is bashed in this. Hey, this Blake is so totally untrustworthy and so stupid that everyone, including Avon, wonders why Avon loves him. And this Avon is rather "off." I guess I just don't see him cooking up a storm, talking babytalk, and weeping hysterically....

Quite original in some ways. Way to much K/Siness. And I absolutely did not like the end. This is not a Bizarro story. (I love them, but their weird over-the-top zaniness does not belong as a conclusion to this trilogy. [1]

The relationship between Cally and Jenna is described more fully in the sequel, 'Coming Out of the Dark', although Randell mainly concentrates on Jenna's decision to have a child with Blake - the result of a night where Avon simultaneously makes love to Cally, who muses afterwards that, 'if she'd have any idea, even the slightest inkling that a man could be such an incredible lover, and that Avon was such a man, she'd have thrown herself at him years ago... Jenna was her partner, her love, but Avon would always hold a piece of her heart.' [2]


  1. ^ from a letter of comment in Southern Comfort #9.5
  2. ^ This story was discussed in (Re)Making Space for Women: A guide to f/f slash in Blake's 7 fanzines, an essay by Nova (2002)