Let It Be Me

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Title: Let It Be Me
Publisher: Moon Magick Productions, then Quantum Fire Press
Editor(s): Leah S.
Date(s): 1993-1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Let It Be Me is a slash Sam/Al Quantum Leap anthology.


From a 1993 flyer:

Stories, artwork, and imaginative poetry exploring the limitless possibilities for two time-traveling lovers. Some straight friendship-based material included. Our only limit is our imagination.

From a submission request in The Handlink #3 for a planned third issue that didn't make it off the ground:

Accepting subs of S/A stories, poems and artwork. Hard copy, disks (IBM) or e-mail. Guidelines; I don't accept gratuitous violence, excessive S&M, and I'm not likely to accept stories pairing Sam or Al with other lovers unless there is a happy S/A ending — although there are exceptions. If unsure, write for further details.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Let It Be Me 1 was published in October 1993 and contains 156 pages. Artwork by Ziggy and Doreen Tracy.

  • Dreams by Khylara
  • Junk Food Junkie by Doreen Tracy
  • Seasons by Sleaze Bee & Megrez
  • A Life For A Life by Astrid Bo-otes
  • Partners in Time by Sleaze Bee
  • The Cost of Freedom by Leah S.
  • Tangled Webs by Leah S.
  • Not Enough by Khylara
  • Choices by Theresa Kyle
  • Never Say Never by Gena Durrell
  • Yin Yang by J. R.
  • So Alone by J. R.
  • Memory by J. R.
  • Second Chance by J. R.
  • Reflections by Leah S.
  • Ready To Take A Chance Again by Theresa Kyle
  • Do You Remember? by Khylara
  • Where No Sam Has Gone Before by Gena Durrell
  • Hear My Prayer by Astrid Bo-otes

This Leap's For You by Leah S.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Brando

Let It Be Me: The Sequel was published in February 1995 and contains 168 pages. Artwork is by Brando, Holly Graham, and R. Neville.

  • The Times They Are A' Changin' by Leah S. (sequel) (4)
  • This Leap's For You Too by Carol Zara (sequel) (9)
  • What Have You Done?, poem by Megrez (14)
  • Time Traveler's Weekly by Forrest McGrump (15)
  • One More Step by Doreen Tracy (continuation to stories in issue #1) (16)
  • The Outing of Doctor Beckett by Elaine Monty (inspired by the intro to Quantum Instability #3) (25)
  • A Quantum Leap Word Puzzle by Imajiru (60)
  • Wishes by Carol Zara (inspired by Quantum Instability #3) (61)
  • Labor of Love by Leah S. (it was meant to be the very first story in the AngelFire series) (63)
  • Astrological Charts, plus analysis and comparison for Sam and Al by Imajiru (79)
  • The Lone Ranger Rides Again by Theresa Kyle (crossover with Hardcastle and McCormick) (83)
  • Across the Years, poem by Sleaze Bee (117)
  • Memories in Another by Leah S. (118)
  • You Stand Where I Stood by Astrid Bootes (120)
  • Welcome Home by Mary L. Millard (128)
  • Under the Cloak of Night by Dale Hobgood (133)
  • The Choice by Khylara (138)
  • The Key by Leah S. (145)
  • Silent Tears, poem by Leah S. (48)
  • After Summer Comes Autumn by Susan Gibel (songfic) ("Editor's Note: Though I was unsuccessful in my attempts to contact Nancy Rhodes, this is such a lovely story that I decided to print it as is anyway. I sincerely hope Nancy will not be offended by Susan's borrowing of "Donald Pratt", and take it in the spirit it was meant as the highest form of flattery for a wonderful writer whose stories we've all enjoyed immensely.") (149)
  • answers to the puzzle (168)