Theresa Kyle

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Name: Theresa Kyle
Alias(es): Anne Marie Stone
Type: writer
Fandoms: Starsky and Hutch, Star Trek: TOS, Walker, Texas Ranger, Star Wars, Quantum Leap, Kiefer/Lou, The Sentinel, Man from UNCLE, Hardcastle and McCormick, Wild Wild West
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Theresa Kyle is a slash writer.

Regarding Her Man from UNCLE Fiction

From "Theresa Kyle: A Retrospective" (April 2000):
Her main strength is in characterization. To me, her characters are fairly close to canon. This is achieved in several ways: through description of appearance and mannerisms, behavior towards others and internal thought. And, of course, dialogue. Ms. Kyle is a master of dialogue. She uses fragments of dialogue from die show to tie the story to canon, which helps trigger the reader's memory. But she also has the ability to create dialogue that follows speech patterns, is amusing and remains true to character as seen on the show...

[much snipped]

Her characterization of Napoleon and Illya through dialogue is funny, poignant and accurate. She manages to achieve great insight into her characters, whether through a vignette or story, and her works are distinguished in their ability to capture emotions and internal dialogue, !n her most moving stories, her characters become fully-fleshed people, given more scope to grow than the show ever allowed. She even has the courage to shatter her own illusions (and ours) of the characters. And they are much richer for it. We are too, in being given the opportunity to read about it

and see her vision for them. [1]

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