Nights of Wonder

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Title: Nights of Wonder
Publisher: Live Oak Manor Press, later agented by Agent With Style
Editor(s): Marian Kelly
Date(s): 1995-2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Language: English
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Nights of Wonder is a slash Wild, Wild West anthology.

Issue 1

Nights of Wonder 1 is 94 pages long and was published in 1995. B&W cover.

  • The Night of the Magic Spell by Mary L. Millard (3)
  • Found Among the Personal Papers of Jeremy Pike by Marilyn (14)
  • The Night of Misfortune by Jeannie Marie (19)
  • The Night of Many Words by Charlie M. Clint (27)
  • The Night of Silk Sheets and Scented Roses by Jeannie Marie (31)
  • First Night of Love by Mary L. Millard (88)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
color cover of issue #2

Nights of Wonder 2 is 97 pages and published in 1996. Some editions have a B&W cover (probably the ones agented by Agent With Style), some color.

  • The Night of the Awakening Mary L. Millard (1)
  • In the Wild Wild West & In the Moonlight & Kisses poems by Khylara (16)
  • The Night of the Spread Eagle by Jeannie Marie (19)
  • Partners for Life by Mary L. Millard (23)
  • Domestic Love Scenes by Jeannie Marie (29)
  • The Night of the Broken Promise by Theresa Kyle (42)
  • Kisses by Khylara (67)
  • The Night of the Silver Bracelets by Khylara (70)
  • The Night of Recovery by Mary L. Millard (75)
  • The Night of Homecoming by Taliesin (83)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Nights of Wonder 3 contains 125 pages and was published in March 2004. Color covers by Shar, b&w interior by TJ.

  • The Night of No Return by Mary L. Millard (1)
  • The Night of The Long Sleep by Liz Ellington (12)
  • The Night of The Startling Revelation by TJ (25)
  • The Night of The Intruder by Justblackchaps (34)
  • Impossible Dreams (poetry) by Khylara (46)
  • Longings:Artie (poetry) by Khylara (48)
  • Weakness and Strength (poetry) by Khylara (50)
  • What the Mirror Saw by Alabama Secondwind (53)
  • Untested Virtue by Islaofhope