Dyad Vice

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Title: Dyad Vice
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Medium: print
Fandom: Miami Vice
Language: English
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Dyad Vice is a slash anthology of Miami Vice fiction gleaned from Dyad and Dyad: The Vampire Stories.

Volume 1 contains the plain Miami Vice stories.

Volume 2 contains the vampire, psychic vampire and crossover stories, including portions of Flamingo's The Curse of the Black Opal. The publisher had fallen out of contact with a few authors and artists published in Dyad over the years, and these people's work was not reprinted. Authors include Adrian A., Stancio d.N., Shanachie, Susank K. D., and DeLaine. Artists aren't listed. Material comes from Dyad 1-12, 14, 16-17, Dyad: The Vampire Stories 1 and 3, Cross-Currents, and Lingering on the Fringes.

Issue 1

Dyad Vice 1 has front cover art by Alayne.

  • After the Rains by Atira Kei 5
  • Friends & Lovers by Atira Kei 14
  • When the Game Ends by MerLyn 20
  • Better Together by MerLyn 23
  • Dancing With Shadows by Dovya Blacque 27
  • Toshi's Friend by Atira Kei 39
  • Heart of Flint by Flamingo 46
  • Still in My Heart by Flamingo 90
  • A Friend In Need by Ida Vega 135
  • Shadows Past by Atira Kei 151
  • Miracle Men by Dovya Blacque 165
  • The Letter by Dovya Blacque 180
  • Somewhere in the Night by Theresa Kyle 198
  • Miami Rain by Dovya Blacque 209
  • The Head of the Tempest by Dovya Blacque 219
  • Night Hunter by MerLyn 244
  • BloodBond by Atira Kei 255
  • In The Dust Again by Dovya Blacque 279
  • Under My Skin by Dovya Blacque 295


  • Alayne (cover)
  • Alayne 4

Issue 2

Dyad Vice 2 contains 326 pages.

  • Blinded by the Light by MerLyn 5
  • Runner in the Night by MerLyn 13
  • Open to the Flame by MerLyn 29
  • Cross Driving Rain by MerLyn 49
  • Sights of the Sun by MerLyn 60
  • Shadow of the Nooseby MerLyn 73
  • Back from the Pit by MerLyn & Andy D. 91
  • Journal by Gene S. Delepenia 103
  • Another Fine Mess by Gene S. Delapenia 109
  • Lost in the Flood by MerLyn 113
  • Alien Distant Shore by MerLyn 125
  • Dancin' as Fast as We Canby Jonni Corday 138
  • Shade by Dovya Blacque 168
  • Working Without a Net by MerLyn 181
  • Martin's Past by Flamingo 195
  • Vincent's Passion by Flamingo 236 (Beauty and the Beast crossover)
  • The Desire by Flamingo 246
  • Sleeping with the Past by Ida Vega 257
  • Walking the Razor's Edge by MerLyn 291
  • Twist in Time by MerLyn 321