Sapphire and Steel

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Name: Sapphire & Steel
Creator: Peter J. Hammond
Date(s): 1979-82, 2004
Medium: television series (1979-82), Big Finish audiodrama (2004)
Country of Origin: UK
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Big Finish (audiodrama)
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Sapphire & Steel is a British science fiction fantasy series starring David McCallum as Steel and Joanna Lumley as Sapphire. Other characters include Silver (David Collings) and Lead (Val Pringle).

It ran from 1979 to 1982, and is often seen as ITV's answer to Doctor Who[1]. The series was created by Peter J. Hammond, who also wrote all the stories except for the fifth. In 2004, Sapphire and Steel returned in a series of Big Finish audio dramas starring David Warner (Steel) and Susannah Harker (Sapphire). David Collings returned as Silver.


Although TV Tropes rightly points out that "[along] with Blake's 7 and Doctor Who, Sapphire and Steel forms the Holy Trinity of British Science Fiction television"[2] the television show has never had the megafandom-level following that the other two shows have (at times, in Blake's case) enjoyed. During the 1990s, there were a small number of S&S-only anthology zines, and S&S fics were also published in multimedia zines.

In 2014 Lost_Spook (one of the most active writers on Livejournal and Archive of Our Own described the fandom thus:

The main active writer is spikesgirl58. SeriesFive and I were active simultaneously with a very simular take, but completely coincidentally, John_Amend_All, lsellersfic/annariel is quietly active, kittenmommy, and Mab Browne, amaresu & glennagirl occasionally & KerrAvonsen. Past ficcers/vidders have been hearts_blood, fog_shadow, and various other for Yuletide and things. The comm sapphirensteel was founded by Sheila Adamson [in 2007], and element_flash [2008] by amaresu & now modded by kittenmommy (and Mab Browne). The main body of LJ fandom is David McCallum-centric & include a bunch of Man From UNCLE fans. You get far more Joanna Lumley and David Collings fans around the fringes and Yuletide. (Lost Spook)[3]




Multifandom: Sapphire & Steel fic also features in the following zines, although there are generally only one or two S&S fics per zine or even zine series. Fandoms that are usually combined with S&S in these multimedia zines include Doctor Who, The Man From UNCLE and Blake's 7.

cover of Refractions #2, Kathryn Andersen


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