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Title: Heroes & Partners
Publisher: Purple Unicorn Press
Editor(s): Jay Felton and Connie Crouch
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Heroes and Partners is a gen anthology published in the UK.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Heroes & Partners 1 was published in 1993 and contains 113 pages and fiction from Robin of Sherwood, Sapphire and Steel, Battlestar Galactica, Dick Turpin, Gatchaman, Professionals, Airwolf, Bill and Ted, Eroica, Highway to Heaven, Starsky and Hutch, Arthur of the Britons, Animation & Comics.

A submission request in an 1990 issue of GAZ:
The theme is heroic partnerships (not necessarily male, not necessarily with only two partners!) and any TV series, file, comic book etc which fits this will be considered for inclusion. No explicit adult rated material please, and no slash, as this zine is intended for a wide audience; otherwise no limits on the type of story wanted. Story length should be from 1-40 pages. Artists also needed to illustrate stories -I know you've got plenty there in the USA, so please contact me for more details if you'd like to help with this. You must be able to work in black ink on white paper, that's al! my copier will handle well. Material accepted so far: A PROs story, an ARTHUR OF THE BRITONS story and possibly a MY PARTNER THE GHOST comic strip story.
  • The Mommet, fiction by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood). An evil enchantment is cast on Robin, luring him to his destruction--can any among the outlaw band help him win free of the spell?
  • Never Yours, fiction by A.S. Field (Dick Turpin). Wounded by a soldier's shot, Swiftnick is helped by a fugitive girl whose predicament requires help in return from the young highwayman and his mentor, Dick Turpin.
  • Albion, fiction by Adam Jenson (Arthur of the Britons). When ill weather delays their homeward riding, Arthur and Kai have no choice but to accept shelter in a cave beneath a burial mound. But it is Samhaine Eve, and they are awaited...
  • Focus Control, fiction by S. Armitage (Sapphire and Steel). A student's sudden disappearance from inside a locked, windowless basement room requires Elemental attention: Carbon and Crystal are assigned.
  • An Alien Named Starbuck, fiction by Linda Chapple (Battlestar Galactica). The mission seems like a routine collection of tylium on an ordinary planet until Apollo and Starbuck unwittingly disturb an ancient and deadly menace.
  • Keeper of Dreams, fiction by Brenda Callagher (Highway to Heaven)
  • Bill & Ted's Most Stupid Sequel, fiction by Rhonda Stovin (Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Adventure)
  • Ashes in the Morning, fiction by Karen Klinck (From Eroica With Love)
  • In a Plain Brown Wrapper, fiction y Adam Jenson (The Professionals)
  • Possession, fiction by Jim Swallow (Airwolf)
  • Found Out, fiction by Wendy Dinsmore (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman)
  • Yesterday's Dreams, fiction by Linda Chapple (Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased))
  • poetry

Issue 2

Heroes & Partners 2 includes Sapphire and Steel, Robin of Sherwood, Garrison's Gorillas, Equalizer.