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Title: CrosSignals
Editor(s): Sharon Palmer, 'Nea Dodson & L.C. Wells
Date(s): 1989-1992
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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CrosSignals is a gen multifandom crossover zine series.

cover of issue #1

Issue 1

CrosSignals 1 was published in 1989 and contains 121 pages.

The art is by Linda Baer, 'Nea Dodson, Sharon M. Palmer, and L.C. Wells.

Regarding the play, "Time Trek": "This play has never been preformed. It was submitted to us by Carol Salemi whose brother Michael was a member of this class. As far as the editors of "CrosSignals" can determine, the stage is set-up with the Time Tunnel Complex in the foreground and the view through the tunnel in the background. Scene changes can be accomplished through lighting effects. We have even taken the liberty of creating a character list."

  • Table of Contents (1)
  • Cross Words, editorial by Sharon M. Palmer (2)
  • Cross Fire, editorial by L.C. Wells (3)
  • Crossed Fingers, editorial by 'Nea Dodson (4)
  • Friends in Low Places by L. C. Wells and 'Nea Dodson (The Equalizer/Beauty and the Beast) ((6)
  • Time Trek by Mrs. Hoffman's 5th Grade Class of 1968, a play in script form (Time Tunnel/Star Trek: TOS) (33)
  • A Blake By Any Other Name by Eric Blackburn (Blake's 7/Beauty and the Beast) (43)
  • Jupiter 2, Enterprise 0 by Cheap Treks, a con skit by Paul Balze, David Keefer, Lance Woods, and Tom Chafin, performed once at Shore Leave #10 on July 10, 1988. "Con goers had been told that the play was entitled "Mudd Ado About Nothing.") (Lost in Space/Star Trek TOS) (49)
  • Thy Fearful Symmetr" by Eric Blackburn (Kolchak: The Night Stalker/Beauty and the Beast) (74)
  • F=Ma by Patrick Sponaugle (Star Wars???) (91)
  • Choices by Catherine Edwards (Star Trek: TNG/Beauty and the Beast) (94)
  • Differing Wavelengths by Patrick Sponaugle (Star Wars/???) (112)
  • Blake and the Beast, vignette by Nea Dodson (Beauty and the Beast/Blake's 7) ("For all the fans who see a parallel with the last episode of another unexpectedly cancelled show.") (116)
  • Reader's Guide to the Universe(s) (117)

Issue 2

cover issue #2

CrosSignals 2 was published in 1990 and is 169 pages long.

  • Crosswords by Sharon M. Palmer (2)
  • Cross Fire by L.C. Wells (3)
  • Crossed Fingers by 'Nea Dodson (4)
  • Modern TV Journal by Sharon M. Palmer (mixed) (5)
  • Project Informer by 'Nea Dodson and L.C. Wells (The Equalizer/Airwolf/The Prisoner) (6)
  • Alien Sushi by Susan M. Murrie (The Master/War of the Worlds/Cover Up) (reprinted in 2012 in End of the Rainbow #2) (26)
  • Jim Kirk: Champion Of Mongo by Patrick Sponaugle (Star Trek: TOS/Flash Gordon) (32)
  • The Kindness Of Strangers by Sue Collins (Starman/Miami Vice/War of the Worlds) (58)
  • Ripper Encore by Eric Blackburn (Kolchak: The Night Stalker/Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer) (86)
  • Live Long and Thanks For All The Fish by Lance Woods, David Keefer and Paul Balze (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home/The A-Team) (98)
  • Chasing Rainbow by L.C. Wells (The Equalizer/Mission: Impossible) (121)
  • To Steal a Sword by Mark Ogilvie (Knight Rider/Thundercats) (165)
  • Reader's Guide to the Universe(s) by Sharon M. Palmer (166)
  • art by Linda Baer, Andrew Culhane, 'Nea Dodson, T.J. Glenn, Kathryn Mayer, Sharon M. Palmer, L.C. Wells

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

CrosSignals 3 was published in 1990 and contains 164 pages.

  • Crosswords by Sharon M. Palmer (1)
  • Cross Fire by L.C. Wells (2)
  • Crossed Fingers by A 'Nea Dodson (3)
  • Unpaid Apolitical Announcement (5)
  • The Worst of Times, The Beast of Times by A. 'Nea Dodson (Beauty and the Beast/Quantum Leap) (6)
  • Princess of the Universe by Mark Ogilvie (Cheers/Fraggle Rock) (15)
  • Well Met in the Middle by Sharon M. Palmer (The Equalizer/Beauty and the Beast) (29)
  • Once Upon a Time and After Many Happy Returns, the Schizoid Man Arrives and Has a Change of Mind by Patrick Sponaugle (Quantum Leap/The Prisoner) (32)
  • No Substitute by Sue Collins (Doctor Who/Blake's 7) (47)
  • Purgatory Proposal by Sharon M. Palmer (Quantum Leap/Piers Anthony's "Incarnations of Immortality" series) (49)
  • Enemies in High Places by L.C. Wells (The Equalizer/Beauty and the Beast) (50)
  • Coming Attractions, part two (mixed) by Assorted Crazies (97)
  • What Once Went Wrong by Mary Anne Espenshade (Quantum Leap/??) (100)
  • Edges of Darkness by Sheila Paulson (Quantum Leap/The Master) (102)
  • Who Ya Gonna Call? by A. 'Nea Dodson (The Real Ghostbusters/??) (118)
  • Chivalry's Not Dead, It's Just Passed Out Under the Table by Catherine Edwards (Star Trek: TOS/Beauty and the Beast) (119)
  • Sheep in Wolves's Clothing by Mary Raugh (Quantum Leap/War of the Worlds) 145)
  • Secret Angel by by L.C. Wells and Candy Culhane (Airwolf/Secret Agent) (145)
  • Reader's Guide to the Universe(s) by Sharon M. Palmer (161)
  • art by Linda A. Baer, Paul Balze, Sue Collins, Andrew Culnane, A. 'Nea Dodson, Kathryn L. Mayer, Sharon M. Palmer, Carol Salemi, L.C. Wells

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

CrosSignals prints crossover fiction, humor, and artwork (no poetry in this issue). This isn't a no-frills zines, but it also isn't loaded to the hilt with unnecessary gee-gaws; the print is clean and legible in a fine two-column layout (which means you get more words for your money), there's no wasted space, yet the zine doesn't appear cluttered, and contains some well-handled layouts, including quarter and column illustrations. If there's any quibble with the presentation, it's that the spiral binding is just a hair too small to fold the zine back on itself while reading (a major advantage to having spiral binding in the first place). Overall, it's a nice package for the money, and the fact that it's 164 pages, most of which are text, makes it a great deal. The writers know how to write and, from the looks of things, the editors are doing a more than competent job of editing (read two stories by a writer published under two different editors, and, if possible, an unedited story by that same writer and you'll get an idea of how good the editor is). None of the stories fall into the 'oh my God, that's brilliant' category, possibly because most of the writing is surface—there's no layer beneath the plot, very little thematic content, or richness of image. But they're good, solid stories, heavy on plot and with accurate characterization; a tip-off that the person knows something about what they're writing and the crossover is worth reading... CrosSignals is not an art-zine—there are no portfolios, no artwork you want to carefully cut from the zine with a razor to mat for your living room wall. The artwork is primarily illustrative. Most of the artists are doing something other than the 'portrait' work (smiling face of a character just past the chin, because shoulders are too difficult to draw) often found posing as illustrations in zines, and l applaud them for that. ... The cover is beautifully printed—a blue offset design on white, and the logo is well placed. Of the three issues, it's definitely the best cover with regard to layout, content, and choice of materials. CrosSignals 3 provides a home for some well-written crossovers and some promising, if not fine, artistic talent. The zine is most enjoyable, with many good, solid stories, a few laughs, and a few tense moments. At the price, it's certainly a bargain. For crossover fans, it's a Godsend. As a precursor of things to come from these writers and artists, it means a brighter future for fandom in years to come. [1]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

CrosSignals 4 was published in 1991 and contains 178 pages. Cover art is by T.J. Glenn; interior art is by Paul Balzé, R.L. Belyea, Andrew Culhane, T.J. Glenn, Sharon Palmer, and L.C. Wells.

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Carol Salemi

CrosSignals 5 was published in 1991 and contains 237 pages.

  • Crosswords by Sharon M. Palmer (2)
  • Cross Fire by L.C. Wells (3)
  • Crossed Fingers by A 'Nea Dodson (4)
  • Cry of Angels by A. 'Nea Dodson--Diana Bennett teams up with George Francisco and Matt Sikes to catch a child-killer. (Alien Nation/Beauty and the Beast) (5)
  • All Hope Abandon, Ye Who Enter Here by Susan M. Asselin--An alien ship and a time-travel anomaly send Harrison and Ironhorse to join Ripley and the Colonial Marines' assault on the xenomorphs on LV-426. (War of the Worlds/Aliens) (17)
  • Be Careful What You Wish For by Arthur C. Adams (Quantum Leap/The Love Boat) (33)
  • Heart of Dixie by L.C. Wells--Elliot Burch and Roger Lococco become entangled in the affairs of a New Orleans bordello. (Beauty and the Beast/Wiseguy) (34)
  • Encounter at FarPork by Arthur C. Adams (Star Trek: TNG/Pigs in Space) (52)
  • Game Time: Blaster Corps Wants You by T. James Glenn--When a holographic video game system goes berserk, Race Bannon and Robert McCall must make their way through the maze to determine the cause. (Jonny Quest/The Equalizer/Real Ghostbusters) (54)
  • The Long Way Home by Louann Qualls--After falling in love with Sam during a leap, Diana tracks him down at the Project and undertakes a leap in his place. (Quantum Leap/Beauty and the Beast) (62)
  • Cut to the Chase by Sharon M. Palmer (mixed) (81)
  • Patient on a Halfshell by Kim McCarthy--When Raphael suffers serious side-effects from his beating by the Foot, Splinter's friend Dr. Hikita suggests the only surgeon who can help: Buckaroo Banzai. Reprinted from The Lieutenant's Log. (Buckaroo Banzai/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) (82)
  • Coming Attractions by Assorted Nuts (102)
  • Though Leapers Be Lost by Louann Qualls and Sylvia Colston--Sam leaps into Gabriel just in time to save Catherine's life. (Quantum Leap/Beauty and the Beast) (106)
  • A Bar Tale by Susan M. Garrett--Jonathan MacKensie runs into an old reporter named Steve Martin, and he has a terrifying tale to tell. (Godzilla/Shadow Chasers) (108)
  • TV Tarot by Can U. Sayfiller (mixed) (113)
  • Escapade by L.C. Wells (Beauty and the Beast/Quantum Leap) (114) (Elliot, Vincent and Sam find themselves at a science fiction convention, though probably not this Escapade.)
  • The Night of the Magi by Sue Collins (War of the Worlds/Wild Wild West/Airwolf) (144)
  • Music Videos We'd Like to See by A. Nea Dodson (188)
  • Reader's Guide to the Universe(s) by Sharon M. Palmer (189)
  • art by Paul Balze, Andrew Culhane, T.J. Glenn, Sharon M. Palmer, Jared M. Place, Carol Salemi (front cover) and L.C. Wells

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

CrossSignals 6 was published in 1992 and contains 162 pages.

  • Crosswords by Sharon M. Palmer (2)
  • Cross Fire by L.C. Wells (3)
  • Crossed Fingers by A 'Nea Dodson (4)
  • What is a Mary Sue? by L.C. Wells (5)
  • Possession Is 9/10 Of The Law by A. 'Nea Dodson--Sam Beckett leaps into London at the full moon, and finds himself face to face with a werewolf. (She-Wolf of London/Quantum Leap, reprinted in The Manifest #4) (6)
  • The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship by Sharon M. Palmer--When the Ninja Turtles' subway station home becomes infested with ghosts, who else would they call? (Real Ghostbusters/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, also in APAritions)
  • The Darkest Knight of All by Eileen Roy--Sam Beckett is given the chance to save Bruce Wayne's parents--but what will the consequences be? (Batman/Quantum Leap) (22)
  • Material Girl by Dee Beetem and Margaret McNickle--When Beetlejuice shows up wanting to date Janine, she's intrigued, but the budding relationship doesn't make Egon happy. (Real Ghostbusters/Beetlejuice (25)
  • It's a Small World After All by Cicatrice du Veritas--Catherine Chandler and Molly Dodd have a chat while waiting for their children to see the doctor. (Days and Nights of Molly Dodd/Beauty and the Beast) (47)
  • Broken Music by Louann Qualls--After going through murder and reincarnation with Mike Church, Grace is afraid of the intensity of their relationship. Sam Beckett gives her some perspective. (Dead Again/Quantum Leap) (50)
  • Highways of Imagination by Mark Ogilvie--When an amnesiac Dorothy Gale falls into Never-Never Land, Captain Hook convinces her that she is his daughter and sets her against Peter Pan and the Darlings. (Peter Pan/Wizard of Oz) (55)
  • The Phantom of Central Park by Sheila Paulson (Real Ghostbusters/Beauty and the Beast) (64)
  • Coming Attractions, part 5 by random sources (mixed fandoms) (91)
  • Arthampton by L.C. Wells--A trip to the Scottish town of Arthampton by Professor Ian Matheson and his student-cum-werewolf Randi Wallace ends up being a fight to the death between a sorcerous and her intended victim - Professor Indiana Jones. (Indiana Jones/She-Wolf of London) (94) (reprinted in The Manifest #3)
  • Cross Your Heart by Can U. Sayfilker (mixed fandom) (107)
  • Pirates of Penance by Anne and Elaine Batterby (Black Jack Savage/Quantum Leap) (108)
  • Sins of the Past by Tammy L. Croft (Airwolf/War of Worlds/Miami Vice) (126)
  • Nouveau Theft by L.C. Wells (Equalizer/Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (140)
  • Reader's Guide to the Universe(s) (162)
  • art by Paul Balze, Andrew Culhane, A. Nea Dodson, Kathryn L. Mayer, Sharon M. Palmer, Mary Robertson, and L.C. Wells


  1. ^ from a much, MUCH longer review in Psst... Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Fanzine? #1. The reviewer, Susan M. Garrett, gives it "4 trees." The reviewers in "Psst... Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Fanzine?" rated zines on a 1-5 tree/star scale.