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Name: The Love Boat
Creator: Aaron Spelling (executive producer)
Date(s): May 1977 – May 1986 (original series), 1986–1987 (TV special), 1990 (TV movie), April 1998 – May 1999 (Love Boat: The Next Wave)
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: USA
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The Love Boat was an one-hour sitcom that aired on ABC for nine seasons from 1977 to 1986.

The Love Boat features in a number of canonical crossovers: a two-part 1979 Charlie's Angels episode ("Love Boat Angels"); a 1980 arc with Fantasy Island; and a two-part 1997 Martin episode. The 1987 Love Boat special "Who Killed Maxwell Thorn?" included cameos by characters Mike and Carol Brady, Betty and Margaret Anderson, and June, Wally, and Beaver Cleaver.

In February 1994, Saturday Night Live did a parody crossover skit of The Love Boat and Star Trek: The Next Generation entitled "Love Boat: The Next Generation",[1] featuring guest star Patrick Stewart and a cameo from Bernie Kopell (Doc).

Perhaps due to the prevalence of canonical crossovers, crossovers are also the most common form of Love Boat fanworks. The Love Boat is otherwise a rare fandom.

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  1. ^ Video available here: The entire Love Boat: TNG SNL skit with Patrick Stewart at /r/startrek on Reddit. See also Saturday Night Live: "Love Boat: The Next Generation" at Memory Alpha Wiki.