Frisky Business Strikes Back!

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Title: Frisky Business Strikes Back!
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press
Editor(s): Ann Teitelbaum and Dar F
Date(s): May 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Frisky Business Strikes Back! is a 85-page slash multimedia anthology.


For other Frisky zines, see Frisky Business.


  • In The Shadow Of The Searchlights (Hogan’s Heroes) (Kinch helps Hogan deal with tragic news) (3 pages)
  • Toon Peaks (Twin Peaks/Roger Rabbit) (Dale Cooper is on the trail of a kidnapped Audrey) (6 pages)
  • Passion In The E.R. (Emergency) (Johnny Gage finds a moment’s respite with Dr. Early) (3 pages)
  • Second Vacation (Baywatch) (Everything goes wrong for Cort and Kramer when they try to get away) (5 pages)
  • The General and The Vampire (Major Dad) (Mac’s long lost brother turns up) (15 pages)
  • Interlude Before Dark (War Of The Worlds) (Harrison and Ironhorse comfort each other) (6 pages)
  • C’mon Baby, Let Me Take You On A Sea Cruise (The Love Boat) (Doc and Gopher slip away for action) (3 pages)
  • Hot Town, Summer In The City (Simon and Simon) (Things heat up for Abby when she’s visited by a couple of p.i.s) (8 pages)
  • The Second Tragedy (Quantum Leap) (Sam stumbles across a side of Al he never knew) (10 pages)
  • Fly Me To The Moons (Alien Nation) (A quiet night of TV viewing turns romantic for Matt and Cathy) (2 pages)