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Title: Bafflegab
Publisher: out of the United States
Editor(s): Carol Walker
Date(s): 1985-1986
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Bafflegab is a gen Doctor Who anthology that contains stories, illustrations, cartoons and poems.

From an ad in Datazine #37: "The first all-humor Whozine (or at least the first one meant to be)."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Bafflegab 1 was published in 1985 (1984?) and contains 72 pages.

  • Doctor in the House by Joan Hoffman (Doctor Who/Fawlty Towers)
  • Doctor Who and the Muppets of Fear by Pat Dunn
  • The Secret Life of Doctor Mitty by Melody Whitney
  • You Can't Take it With You by Autumn Lee
  • Fractured Fantasy by N. Van Den Akker (The Doctor meets the universe of Jay Ward, Peabody & Sherman)
  • Kibitzer (crossover)
  • A Magnum Opus by N. Van Den Akker & Mac Popham
  • Adventure å la Nash by N. Van Den Akker
  • The Nameless Horror Story by Debbie Burkhart
  • other unknown stories, cartoons, and filks

Reactions and Reviews: Issue #1

BAFFLEGAB #1 is an all-humor zine devoted to Doctor Who. It has a generous supply of filks and cartoons as well as stories. There are a few tidbits here and there for fans of the Third and Fifth Doctors, but on the whole the emphasis is solidly on Doctor number Four. To my mind this focus on one particular Who era gives the zine a certain lack of diversity. Still, it's a fun read and several stories stand out. Autumn Lee's "You Can't Take It With You" is enjoyable "Kibitzer" are two of the more off-beat cross-overs I've seen. "Fantasy features such characters as Dudley Dooright and Peabody and Sherman while "Kibitzer" boldly goes where angels fear to tread (loved the reference to Noah's souped up ark). However, for my money the most outright hilarious story is the "Fawlty Towers" cross-over, "Doctor in the House". Joan Hoffman has perfectly captured Basil's mood swings from scathing sarcasm to frothing hysteria. A must-read for fans of Brit wit. Although BAFFLE GAB #1 is not always packed with guffaws, it's definitely worth a few good chuckles. I enjoyed it enough to send away for #2. [1]

Issue 2

Bafflegab 2 was published in 1986 (1985?) and contains 80 pages. Stories by Jill Stone, N. Van Den Akker.

front cover of issue #2
back cover of issue #2
  • Time and Punishment by Mac Popham, N. Van Den Akker & Carol Walker (RPF, The Fourth Doctor finds out what it's like to be Tom Baker for a day.)
  • Gallifreyan Overboard (The Doctor lands on The Love Boat.)
  • Impatiens by N. Van Den Akker (a Doctor Who/Gilbert and Sullivan filk opera)
  • The Five Doctors (A version of the 20th anniversary show that will never make it to television.)
  • The True Story of the Dalek Master Plan by Sandy La Croix, N. Van Den Akker & Alis Nopple
  • Back to Back by Mac Popham, N. Van Den Akker & Carol Walker
  • Sarah and the Cussing Contest by Jerry S. Wolf
  • The Candy Man by Debbie Burkhart & N.Van Den Akker
  • art, lots of filksongs.


  1. from Datazine #63