Elliot Burch

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Name: Elliot Burch
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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Elliot Burch is a Beauty and the Beast (TV) character. He was Catherine Chandler's suitor in the world Above.


  • Elliot/Catherine
  • Elliot/Vincent (rare)

Some Fiction

  • Jericho by Laura J. Valentine ("Vincent and Elliot Burch discover common aspects to their lives, aside from the now-departed Catherine.") (a very rare example of slash in this fandom) (in Dyad #20)
  • A Different Corner by Laura J. Valentine ("Vincent goes to visit Elliot, and gets more than he bargained for. Originally written & posted in late 1999.") (an abridged version of Jericho)


Portrayed in Fan Art

A much-used photo reference: [1].

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Convention Appearances

Fan Comments

Catherine’s would-be suitors were more abundant – including lovestruck tunnel-dweller Michael, psychotic ex Steven Bass, and even Joe Maxwell – but less interesting on the whole than Vincent’s, except for the One Rival to Rule them All: Elliot Burch (Edward Albert Jr.). Burch was a capitalist with a heart (a rarer beast in reality than a poetry-loving lion-man who lives in the subway) who perhaps appealed to the socialite Catherine once was, and with whom she would be able to live a normal life. A self-made millionaire from humble origins, Elliot has wealth, status, and typically handsome looks – all of which make him the antithesis to Vincent and his foil in the World Above, especially when considering that they are, in effect, the princes of their respective realms.

Although Vincent is the titular Beast, it’s interesting that he remains a rather static character (having arrived fully formed in the pilot as the Perfect Man) whilst Elliot is the one who actually undergoes a transformation of sorts. He starts out as a relatively one-note charming sleaze with whom Catherine falls in love before learning about his dodgy business dealings, but there’s a spark of something decent in him that flourishes thanks to her influence. He grows and changes into a more sympathetic and well-rounded character because Catherine inspires him to be a better man – narratively speaking, Elliot is the modernised version of the fairy tale’s Beast, and it is he – not Vincent – who is transformed by Beauty’s love.[1]