Sue K (Beauty and the Beast fan)

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Name: Sue K
Alias(es): Sue K
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
URL: Gallery at Treasure Chambers
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cover of Forever and Always #3, full gallery below

Sue K is a gen and het Beauty and the Beast writer and artist whose work has appeared in many zines.

In a 2005 interview as part of Winterfest she explained her approach to her fan art: "I loved doing Catherine, as I mentioned above, and I also enjoyed fanciful pictures like the "Dragon and Unicorn" painting from Forever And Always 3. I did a number of pictures for sale at B&B conventions that featured Catherine and Vincent in historical costume. I liked to "take them out of context." Since I wasn't particularly fond of doing architecture and the like, I most often featured the figures by themselves, or with natural landscapes or objects." [1]

Fan Art Sample