The Beauty & the Beast Buyer's Guide to Fanzines

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You may be looking for The Buyer's Guide to Beauty and the Beast Fanzines by Lyn Musacchlo.

Title: The Beauty & the Beast Buyer's Guide to Fanzines
Publisher: SND Press
Editor(s): Elizabeth Helm
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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cover by Sue K

The Beauty & the Beast Buyer's Guide to Fanzines is an index to Beauty and the Beast zines compiled by Elizabeth Helm.

It contains 157 pages and was published in 1992. The cover is by Sue K. Additional contributions by Donna Vazquez, Rosie Badgett, Julie Hamburg, Pam Igo, and Alice Bakes.

The buyer's guide not only listed the contents of each zine, but also offered a rating, story type classification and provided brief comments or blurb's about the zine contents.

There were three updates: May 92, Aug 92, Dec 92.

It is one of several zines that provide a listing of Beauty and the Beast fanzines. For other Beauty and the Beast fanzine listings see the Qfer and The Beauty & the Beast Fictionzine Database.

From the Zine

As an avid fanzine reader, I've long thought fans could use a straightforward compilation of published fanzines which indicates exactly what they contain. Whether fandom wishes to acknowledge it or not, our tastes are extremely varied and specific.

-which isn't a bad thing-

In the past, I have been extremely disappointed and upset when a flier was less than candid about content. I've also heard troubling stories about fans receiving rather uncharitable letters from publishers when requesting information on content. Authors are certainly entitled to write on the subject matter of their choice but I feel fanzine readers should, in turn, be entitled to choose what they wish — or don't wish — to read... 'The Buyer's Guide' makes no attempt to "rate" the zines on any scale system. I feel such ratings merely reflect one person's viewpoint and, as such, are highly subjective. Most fanzines are published as labors of love and I have no desire to judge one against another. Comments are limited to providing a prospective buyer with enough information to make an informed decision, perhaps emphasizing the particular strengths of a zine. Story lines which may not appeal to everyone are noted as well. As stated earlier, tastes vary and I have tried to take into account all the comments I have heard from friends over the years concerning what they liked and/or what particularly bothered them in each zine. Besides the obvious division over the 3rd season, fans may also have problems with explicit sexual content, violence (such as Catherine being raped) or the inclusion of childhood or fantasy story lines. One thing is certain, after reading 360 zines, I know there is something out there for everyone!