Once Upon a Fairy Tale

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Title: Once Upon a Fairy Tale
Publisher: Midnight Press
Author(s): Mari Lynn and Debbie Ristick
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): March 1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover by Sue K

Once Upon a Fairy Tale is a 147-page het Beauty and the Beast novel by Mari Lynn and Debbie Ristick.

Artists include Sue K, Kathy Wooding, Amy Bechtel, Pam Tuck, Mary Ellen Nicosia, K. Jacobson, Paula Ollie. There are also two poems by Mari Lynn.


An alternate-time V/C novel. After, in the Continued Classic present, V/C watch a movie about lovers (Somewhere in Time) who meet despite living in different eras, they have a dream: the balance of the book. In it, in the late 1800s, Catherine Chandler, having broken off her engagement to Tom Gunther, travels to discover her upstate New York estate, Grafton, inherited from her spinster aunt. The estate has a secret: some creature to whom locals ascribe a couple of deaths of malefactors. And Catherine makes two startling discoveries: the identity of the creature, and the fact that the estate is almost bankrupt. Her financial straits cause significant problems. Elliot Burch appears as a neighbor, Jacob Wells as a local doctor. John Pater is alluded to, and Mouse and other figures we know have appropriate parts. [1]


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