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Title: All Things are Possible
Publisher: The Rosevine Press and The Crystal Rose
Editor(s): Sandy P. Shelton
Date(s): 1990-1996
Series?: yes
Medium: print zine
Genre: het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Language: English
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Sandys and friends work up another zine, art from issue #5, by Sandy C. Shelton
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All Things are Possible is a het Beauty and the Beast anthology edited by Sandy P. Shelton.

Issue 1

All Things are Possible 1 was published in 1990 and has 117 pages. Art is by Pam Tuck.

Love stories, poetry, pre/post 3rd season. Alternate spin-offs from the Trilogy in which 3rd season is avoided or negated. Many consummation stories, SND.[1]
  • Death's Dominion
  • Another Chance
  • Beyond Death's Dominion
  • The Turning Point

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

This zine consists of four stories which rewrite the 3rd season. In two stories, Catherine and Vincent are given a second chance for a life together after her death. Diana does appear in one story and, although she is in love with him, Vincent feels only friendship towards her. All stories contain tasteful consummation scenes. Nice art.[2]
Sentimental, erotic, but tasteful love stories by Shelton, poetry by others, pre/post 3rd season. Alternate spinoffs from the Trilogy in which 3rd season is avoided or negated. Basically a series of consummation stories with little plot other than that. Diehard SND fans will appreciate this more. The excellent Pam Martin art alone is worth the price.[3]

Issue 2

All Things are Possible 2 was published in 1991 and has 213 pages. Art by Pam Martin/Pam Tuck, Elaine Scruggs, and Belinda Wojcik. The art is specifically uncredited and mostly unsigned.

front cover of issue #2
frontispiece of issue 32

From the editor:

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST was a gift and a triumph perhaps not in the ratings wars, but in what it stood for and the hope it gave us. Through the eyes of these two extraordinary characters, we experienced love as it should be, we learned a truth beyond our previous knowledge, and we all became a part of each other. We shared the light and beauty that was and we became better for it. Now Vincent and Catherine live only in our hearts, our memories, and our stories. If indeed we create journeys for each other, then I hope you will find this journey a pleasant one. One that will interest you, amuse you, and perhaps put a tear in your eye. It has always been my goal to put into my words the emotion Vincent and Catherine inspired in me and I hope I have succeeded in some small way .
  • My Thanks!, a professional poem by Helen Steiner Rice
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie
  • Daughter of the Sun and the Stargazer, poem by Elaine Scruggs
  • Of Knights and Kings by Sandy P. Shelton (3)
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie (32)
  • untitled poem by Elaine Scruggs (33)
  • The Wooden Horse by Kathi Edrington (34)
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie (55)
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie (56)
  • Dream Weaver, fiction by Carla McRorie (57)
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie (79)
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie (80)
  • The Other Side of Love by Sandy P. Shelton (81)
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie (116)
  • The Flame, poem by Elaine Scruggs (117)
  • Ozymandia No More by Carla McRorie (118)
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie (165)
  • A Merry Christmas to All, from Vincent's Journal by Sandy P. Shelton (166)
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie (168)
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie (169)
  • A Very Special Magic by Sandy P. Shelton (170)
  • untitled poem by Carla McRorie (177)
  • Ephemeral Wings, Vincent Thinks on Catherine, poem by Elaine Scruggs (178)
  • Thy Sweet Love Remembered by Sandy P. Shelton (179)
  • untitled poemby Carla McRorie (212)
  • untitled poemby Carla McRorie (213)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

In the second volume of the series, stories follow from the alternate 3rd season story line found in Volume 1. In "The Other Side Of Love," Catherine meets Diana in the line of work, and Catherine and Vincent are reminded of the other time line in which she died. Diana falls tor Vincent and Catherine becomes jealous but the two do end up friends in the end. Two stories focus on Eliot Burch's relationship with Fiona, a Tunnel-dweller, and Kristopher Gentian puts in an appearance in the final story. Catherine and Vincent finally many.[4]
Stronger than the first volume (now OOP). The poetry has some punch. The fiction is more variable. In connected stories by different writers, C having survived 3rd season by whatever means, settles variously into life Below, with V and Jacob, or Above, with Jacob, visiting V. In “The Other Side of Love” by Shelton, C gets to tell off Diana, which many SND fans will find satisfying. The best story, “Ozymandias No More,” by Carla McRorie, deals with Elliot's attempt to stop a building project (not his, this time) which threatens the tunnels (he's now a helper and in love with Fiona, a weaver in the tunnel community). The art, mainly by Pam Tuck, is still marvelous. Sex, in this zine, is not the sole focus, giving variety to the stories and depth to the characterizations.[5]

Issue 3

issue #3, interior art by Sue K. This artwork was also used on the zine flyers

All Things are Possible 3 was published in 1991 and has 221 pages. Art information: Sandy Chandler Shelton, Pam Tuck, Pat Wallerius, Sue K.

This third volume of this series contains 8 stories continuing the story line set up in Volumes I and II. Vincent and Catherine are married and expecting their second child. Devin, Elliot and Diana (as a friend) all appear. In "For Just One Night," Catherine and Vincent attend a Halloween masquerade party and Vincent meets Catherine's friends. A daughter is born in "Welcome The Child." Nice art, particularly the cover by Sue K.[6]


  • The Lucky One by Sandy P. Shelton
  • Dreams by Kathi Edrington
  • For Just One Night by Sandy P. Shelton
  • A Test of Faith by Carla McRorie
  • The Lucky One by Sandy P. Shelton
  • Forget Me Not by Kathi Edrington
  • The Darkness Before Dawn by Carla McRorie
  • Welcome the Child by Sandy P. Shelton

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

In this continuation of the SND 4th season storyline, connected stories by Shelton, Kathi Edrington, and Carla McRorie cover C&V deciding to have a second child, complicated by an attempt to frame C for a murder and other casework. Jacob, V & C -separately-enjoy Halloween. After a freak accident with one of Mouse's contraptions, tragedy threatens and is observed by angels in Carla McRorie's “A Test of Faith”; V meets one of those angels in McRorie's “Darkness Before Dawn.” We get the unborn child's side of things in Shelton's “Welcome the Child.” Several stories involve Devin; one includes Elliot; Diana appears briefly in another. The plots of the various stories are coherent and there's less emphasis on sex, more on storytelling.[7]

Issue 4

All Things are Possible 4 was published in 1992 and has 166 pages. Art by Sandy Chandler Shelton, interior art by Sandy Chandler Shelton and Michelle Sayles. Cover art is archived here [8]

cover of issue #4, Sandy Chandler Shelton

From the Editor:

We are entering a difficult phase for "Beauty and the Beast" fans. It could be a long time before we hear news of the I movie, so it falls to each of us to keep "B &B" alive. Whether that means buying 'zines and merchandise or going out • on a limb by getting personally involved in projects that will keep the concept in the public eye, we must continue to

fight. Some fans will choose to become dormant and simply wait for things to happen, but the truly devoted will find ways to make things happen. Whichever one you choose, we need all of you if we and this dream are to endure.

I'd 1ike to encourage you to write and let me know what you think. Let's keep the dream alive.


  • Passions Renewed by Sandy P. Shelton
  • The Anniversary that Wasn't by Sandy P. Shelton
  • The Silent Heart by Carla McRorie
  • A Day in the Sun by Sandy P. Shelton
  • interspersed by numerous song 11 lyrics by Bolton, Judd, Jarvis, Overstreet, Adams, Lange, Parton, Marx...

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

Continued classic stories of married Vincent and Catherine. In "Passions Renewed" it's six weeks after the birth of their second child and V&C are anxious to renew their intimacy. Also Vincent risks his own life saving a stranger and is injured Above. Who is Morgan Church and can she be trusted? In "The Silent Heart" by Carla McRorie, a retarded man is found wandering in the tunnels. In "A Day in the Sun" Vincent finally has his "day in the sun" along with his family and the Tunnel-World against Father's objections. In the final story, Catherine is kidnapped and threatened to put pressure on Morgan Church in a takeover bid on her company. Vincent's rescue of Catherine is captured on videotape. Will Morgan give in to the blackmailer to save Vincent and his world? [9]

Issue 5

All Things are Possible 5 was published in 1993 and has 142 pages. Art information: Sue K (cover), Michelle Sayles, Sandy C. Shelton, Amber Shelton, and Jim Garrison.

cover of issue #5, Sue K
From the editorial:
When we published Volume I, we never dreamed in three years we would be publishing Volume V. It is due to your positive response, enthusiasm and generosity we have learned that, indeed, "all things are possible."


I would like to dedicate this zine to all the above mentioned people in appreciation for their hard work and generous spirit. Most importantly, I would like to dedicate it to you, the readers, who ask for more, to Ron Koslow who now truly understands what it is about Beauty and the Beast we truly love, and to Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman who turned a fairy tale into a thing of beauty that has touched so many.

I pray that this year, we will see our shared dreams fulfilled.


  • A Valentine's Day Surprise by Raye Dene Horton (1)
  • Against a Sea of Troubles by Sandy Shelton (8)
  • Perchance to Dream by Carla McRorie (44)
  • Beauty and the Beast II: Gaston's Story by Michael Thomas (55)
  • Past Hopes, Future Dreams by Carla McRorie (103)
  • Legacy of Fear by Sandy Shelton (116)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

A a particularly good volume in this series. The stories (primarily Continued Classic) are vivid, interesting, well-written, and original, the artwork is good to excellent, and the editing and presentation are entirely satisfactory. The shared assumption of all these stories is that V/C have been married for six years and have two children, Jacob and Mary Catherine (Katie). C works Above but lives Below. Top among the six stories is Michael Thomas' charming, surprising, and accurate take on the Disney animated B&B. In this story, vain macho dolt Gaston and tubby little admiring sidekick Le Feu are put, by a disapproving Enchantress, into each other's bodies after the movie's conclusion and Gaston is forced to recognize his own former callousness and his good-natured friend's many admirable traits. The story is written with true cartoon vigor and verve-there's even a nicely done parody of Gaston's bragging song. Raye Dean Horton's “A Valentine Surprise” has a pleasant and perfectly in-character tale of Mouse preparing a Valentine's gift for Jamie, complicated by Arthur's help. Sandy Shelton's “Against a Sea of Troubles” combines V's deciding to have a vasectomy, and what comes of it, with Joe Maxwell's rage at a punk responsible for (but acquitted of) Joe's father's murder. Note: this story has strong PG-13/mild R V/C eroticism. Shelton's follow-up, “Legacy of Fear,” combines the aftermath of V.'s vasectomy with Tom Gunther's stunning disclosure, to C, that he's HIV positive...and doesn't know when he might have first been infected. Carla McRorie's “Perchance to Dream” has Mary, with C's connivance, set out to make Father jealous by being squired about by Peter. And McRorie's “Past Hopes, Future Dreams,” continues the story of Elliot and Fiona, the blind tunnel weaver who nursed him back to health after the explosion of the Compass Rose, here complicated by a returning rival from Elliot's past who claims she just wants Elliot for an escort.... Yeah, sure. Nice portrait art, some erotic but not explicit, by Sue Krinard (cover), Michelle Sayles, Sandy C. Shelton, Amber Shelton, and Jim Garrison.[10]

Issue 6

All Things are Possible 6 was published in 1994 and has 165 pages. Art information: Sandy C. Shelton (cover), Interior art by Sandy C. Shelton, Inez Brown, and Mickey Sayles.

cover of issue #6, Sandy C. Shelton
Continuing classic stories of married Vincent and Catherine. More vignettes than in previous volumes. Contains some flashbacks before V&C became lovers. Jamie is attacked by a gang in the park but is saved by a stranger who is blinded. Mouse worries that Jamie is falling in love with her savior. Catherine tries to give Vincent a taste of the ocean by setting up a waterbed for them Below. Catherine is overcome by her own "dark side" when she is confronted by a mugger who hurts her son. Vincent has a chance to encourage a discouraged William Shakespeare when on a journey to the Crystal Cavern. An artist gives Catherine a portfolio of drawings he did when she posed nude for the life study class at Radcliffe. What is the secret about the drawings that causes the artist to be tortured and killed? In "Siblings," Devin happens upon V & C having sex and V is outraged that he watched instead of leaving immediately. A young man named Charlie Hamilton contacts Catherine and claims to be her half-brother. What is her reaction and what is his reaction to Vincent? Poetry by Carla McRorie, Lysa McRorie, Raye Horton. Stories by Sandy P. Shelton, Carla McRorie, Raye Horton, Jackie Skalski.[11]

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Sandy Chandler Shelton

All Things are Possible 7 was published in January 1996 and has 178 pages. Art by Sandy Chandler Shelton and Mickey Sayles. It includes poetry by William Blake.

It is online as a pdf here.


  • Everything to Lose (1)
  • When All Is Lost (32)
  • Images (79)
  • Eternity In An Hour (116)
  • Love and Harmony (155)
Author's note:
Dear Reader: As most of you know, this zine was suppose to be out in the fall of 1995 but due to added responsibilities with the newsletter, increased overtime at work, and the holidays, we didn't quite make it. I hope you understand and I apologize. I would like to extend by heartfelt thanks to Joann Grant, Chandler, and Mickey who unselfishly gave oftheir time and talents. A list thanking all of those who gave their moral support for this project would fill up another page or two. The poetry used in this zine is by William Blake who, as we B & B fans know, was a favorite of Catherine's. After reading several of them trying to find the right ones to fit the stories, I was amazed at how relevant they were. I hope you enjoy them and how they enhance the stories. I hope you enjoy the stories and artwork contained within these pages.
All five stories were written by Sandy Shelton and has Catherine dealing with an unplanned, difficult and dangerous pregnancy since Vincent's vasectomy in Book 4 was unsuccessful. Vincent has recurring nightmares of Paracelsius's story of his birth coming true while Catherine is determined to go through with the pregnancy. Charlie, Catherine's brother from Book 6, finds the daughter of former helpers in the tunnels after she tries to commit suicide and tries to give her back her lost hope. A car bomb goes off during the Thanksgiving Day parade and Vincent is haunted by what he sees in the devastation. When Devin recognizes one of the bombers and sees him using the tunnels to escape, Vincent is obsessed with dealing out justice and goes after them along with Devin and Charlie who witnesses Vincent's dark side for the first time. Vincent's terror of losing Catherine causes him to pull away from her and she must find a way past his fear to save their marriage.[12]


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