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You may be looking for the Beauty and the Beast fan Sandy C. Shelton.

Name: Sandy Shelton Williams
Alias(es): Sandy P. Shelton
Type: artist
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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Sandy Shelton Williams is a Beauty and the Beast fan.

Sandy's own words regarding her involvement in fandom are at Back in the Day [1].

An excerpt:
Okay, here I go. In 1987, I was awestruck and completely enchanted by a new tv show called “Beauty and the Beast”. Like most of you, I found myself swept up in the romance and beauty of the show. The tunnel world intrigued me. But all too soon, I was devastated at the way that romance and inspiration was ended.

Back then, very few of us had computers and no one I knew had internet or email. All news of the show was gathered and shared by Nan Dibble's Helper’s Network Hotline. That was where I heard about a fan group in NC called, “The Crystal Rose”. There was an address and phone number, and so I decided to seek the solace of other fans. I was amazed at how quickly I received a letter from JoAnn Grant (yes, snail mail). The letter was very upbeat and welcoming.

We corresponded a lot and then finally started calling each other. In those days, your phone bill was like making a car payment. They ate up a huge part of your budget. JoAnn wowed me with stories of conventions and thousands of other fans out there like myself. She introduced me to fanzines and pretty soon, I was hooked.

Fan Activities

She was one of the founding mothers of the Crystal Rose Fan Club, assists with Crystal Rose Lending Library, and has published a number of fanzines.


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