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You may be looking for the Beauty and the Beast fan Sandy P. Shelton.

Name: Sandy Chandler Shelton
Alias(es): Sandy Shelton, Sandy S., Sandy (Chandler) Shelton, Sandy Chandler, tunnelbrat
Type: artist
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
URL: some of her art on dA;
her Beauty and the Beast website (if offline try the archived version);
an interview with her (if offline try the archived version
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Sandy Chandler Shelton was a prolific Beauty and the Beast gen and het artist. Her work appears in many zines. She passed away March of 2010.

In 2011, her friends created a website showcasing her artwork that appeared in zines. It is called Chan's art in zines.[1]

"It would be a pity if that part of Chan's artwork, so beautiful and meaningful, were unknown to the fans who came after. So, with the permission of her family, all of her art published in B&B zines has been scanned and posted here. It was a project to celebrate Chan, but instead it became one more gift from her to the fandom. In fact, while working at the project, something beautiful became apparent, and it's there for all to see and experience: the evident, touching, thrilling development of her talent. You can see the first drawings, tentative, a bit simple, a bit rigid, which in time slowly improve and become the ripe, magical art we admire in her later works."[2]

A memorial page was set up for Chan for Winterfest 2011. It can be viewed here[3] and here.[4] A guestbook can be seen here.[5]

Sandy mentions in an interview this is her favorite piece, a young Vincent in the bath[6]


See Winterfest Interview with Sandy "Chandler" Shelton.


splash screen of her archive



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