A Distant Shore (Beauty and the Beast zine)

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See also Distant Shore (disambiguation).

Title: A Distant Shore
Editor(s): Beth Druhan, Ben Bock & Taura Scott.
Date(s): 1995, 2000
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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A Distant Shore is a het Beauty and the Beast anthology.

It is a con zine for A Distant Shore.

Issue 1

cover of issue 1

A Distant Shore 1 was published in 1995 and contains 208 pages. It was edited by Beth Druhan and is the official con zine for A Distant Shore.

Art information: Much art by Anna Deavers Kelly (including cover), Sandy C. Shelton, Lynette Combs, Nancy Mastandrea, Rosie Badgett, Sandy Tew, Sally Perkins, Rosemarie Hauer, Charlotte Van Til, and Renate Haller.

Additional Information: Conzine. Authors include Rosie Badge, Joanna Ratcliff, Rebecca Marcus, Nancy Mastandrea, Nancy Merckle, Sara Conklin, Jackie Skalski, Charlotte Van Til, Irene Felton, Helen Commodore, Sandy P. Shelton, Vanessa Mills, Trisha Kehoe, and Gwen Lord. Poetry by Katarina Relf, Katherine Garnett, Teri P., Glenys Walker, Marty Hausner, Peggy Garvin, Benjamin Russell, James Nelson, Judith Nolan, Pat Leslie, Dorothy McKnight, Peg McNabb, and Erik Jonasson.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

It's hard to know what to say about a conzine. The stories tend to be bland and pretty predictable, but agreeable reading, literate, with good editing. This one has fiction by Rosie Badgett, Joanna Ratcliff, Rebecca Marcus, Nancy Mastandrea, Nancy Merckle, Sara Conklin (a very funny, witty story called "The Missive" followed by "Mail Call"), Jackie Skalski, Charlotte Van Til, Irene Felton, Helen Commodore, Sandy P. Shelton ("A Not So Distant Shore"—intriguing, well done), Vanessa Mills, Trisha Kehoe, and Gwen Lord. [1]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Rosie Badgett

A Distant Shore 2 was published in 2000 and contains 178 pages. It has the subtitle, "Remember Love" and was edited by Ben Bock & Taura Scott. It was published in connection with the second Distant Shore convention held in Los Angeles, CA in July 2000.

Art information: Cover by Rosie Badgett, interior art by Badgett, Kylee, Armando Norte, Sally Perkins, Lisa Stubblefield, Sandy Tew.

It is the conzine for 2000 con in Los Angeles. Includes stories or poetry by Eugenia Clark, Pat King, Dorothy McKnight, JoAnn Baca, Annik Perrst, Taura Scott, Anita Hollis, Wendy de-Veryard, Trisha Kehoe, Peg McNabb, Karen Mason-Richardson, Jacqueline Skalski, Peggy Garvin, Nancy Lynn Knauff, Pat Wittenbrinkn, Patricia Thomas, Oz Fontecchio, Angelique van het Kaar, Rose Badgett, Marcia Lefebvre.

From the introduction:
Welcome to "A Distant Shore II: Remember Love," the Year 2000 Beauty and the Beast Convention. The members of the Carousels and Caverns Community are thrilled to join with fans from far and near to celebrate a new century, a new millennium, and the beautiful themes, values, and creative forces that drew us all to a remarkable television series. In the ten years since the show ceased production, annual conventions have solidified as a gathering of kindred spirits, fostering many friendships and a sense of a shared community. To quote a line from the Winterfest ceremony "we are all part of one another." In this spirit, and in the spirit of the tunnel values of giving help to others, Beauty and the Beast conventions have an impressive tradition of raising funds for worthy causes. For "A Distant Shore II," the Carousels and Caverns Community chose the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, San Diego Chapter, as our designated charity.
  • A Voice Can Be Deceiving, by Eugenia Clark (10)
  • The Risk Worth Taking, by Pat King (13)
  • We Will Endure! (or The Answer), by Dorothy McKnight (20)
  • The Fundamental Things Apply, by JoAnn Baca (22)
  • The Best Hands There Are, by Annik Perrot (25)
  • A Magical Place, by Taura Scott (37)
  • City Child's by Anita Hollis (49)
  • Heaven Scent, by Wendy De-Veryard (51)
  • Clowns, Crowns, and Comeuppance by Trisha Kehoe (57)
  • Reunions, by Peg McNabb (69)
  • To Race the Wind, by Karen (71)
  • Prelude, by Dorothy McKnight (82)
  • Why? by Jacqueline Skalski (83)
  • Learn to Love Yourself, by Peggy Garvin (86)
  • And So It Goes, by Pat King (87)
  • Lover's by Nancy Lynn Knauff (111)
  • No Longer Yours, by JoAnn Baca (113)
  • Lion Pride, by Annik Perrot (124) (reprinted in Earth, Wind, and Fire)
  • Hard Rock Tunnel Tunes, by Pat Wittenbrink/Patricia Thomas/Oz Fontecchio (133)
  • Encounter, by Angelique van het Kaar (140)
  • Mirror Images, by Rose Badgett (141)
  • Kissing Lessons, by Jacqueline Skalski/Marcia Lefebvre (152)
  • Falling in Love Again, by Pat King (170)


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