Rosemarie Hauer

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Name: Rosemarie Hauer
Type: artist & fan writer
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
URL: some of Rosemarie's art here & here
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artwork for Journeys (Beauty and the Beast calendar), full gallery below

Rosemarie Hauer is a gen and het artist and writer from Austria. Her work has appeared in many Beauty and the Beast zines. She gave an interview as part of the 2005 Winterfest here.

According to one reviewer: "Rosemarie Hauer does it all - writes incredible fanfic, creates impossibly beautiful art. So much talent residing in one individual - it’s amazing. The emotional power of her Vincent and Catherine work is a hallmark of her craft, as well as her...variations on a theme."[1]

regarding her writing: "Rosemarie Hauer’s artwork is gift enough to fandom, but she has also written some of our most intriguing and romantic fanfic - from alternate beginnings to interludes at a cabin in the woods. With zines such as Heaven Breaking Through, Magic, Thanks to the Human Heart, Two of a Kind ....Rosemarie spins a magic web with words..."[2]