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Title: Footsteps
Contributors: Rosemarie Hauer
Date(s): 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty & the Beast
External Links: onne flyer; WebCite version
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calendar cover

Footsteps is a 2004 fan art calendar with drawings by Rosemarie Hauer.

It was featured as part of Winterfest 2011 and can be found here.

From the online flyer: "Containing 13 pieces of art (aside from the cover art) because the calendar includes a sheet for January 2005. 5 pieces of color art (oils), 8 pieces of b&w art (7 pencil drawings, 1 pen and ink) plus 1 pastel painting (cover) by Rosemarie Hauer." [1]

"There maybe times in your life
when you meet someone
who has the soul of a poet
and an angel's heart.
Someone who walks the alleyways of life
with grace and unbreakable spirit.
His footsteps
you may want to follow."


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