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You may be looking for the Leonard Nimoy newsletter Chatter Boxes.

Title: Chatterbox
Publisher: Ritoma Productions, out of South Wales, Great Britain
Editor(s): Rita Davies and Gwen Lord
Type: letterzine
Date(s): 1993-February 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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cover of an issue from the sixth year
cover of an unknown, early issue
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Chatterbox (spelled both "Chatterbox" and "ChatterBox") is a het and gen letterzine. It is subtitled "A Beauty and the Beast Letterzine."

From the publisher's website:
Chatterbox is an A5 size zine. It's function is for members to comment on one anothers likes and dislikes of the episodes of B&B and to chatter about everyday things We have a special feauture each month about The Garnet Cavern one of the rare Caverns to still be productive. We have a colour cover by leading artists. And room permiting we will include a story. [1]

From the tenth issue: "We reserve the right to edit when necessary."

The April 1996 newsletter published an essay "THE CHILD IS FATHER OF THE MAN" by Dr Joy Faulkner focusing on the darker side of Vincent's relationship with his father. The essay was also published in Of Love and Hope volume 3 and in the Helper's Network UK.

The letterzine also published a Beauty and the Beast fan merchandise-for-purchase catalog.

cover of a 1994 merchandise catalog

The Relaunch

The letterzine was first published in 1993 and went on a hiatus, likely 1999. A relaunch was proposed for 2001; it is unknown if this occurred.

From the publisher's relaunch announcement:
When this Letterzine was conceived and born way back in 1993, it captured the very essence of Beauty and the Beast, giving fans worldwide a forum to talk about B&B. As the years passed Chatterbox continued to grow and develop. Now in 2001, Chatterbox has come of age as a top quality and very professional digest spiral-bound magazine. The new no.1 was launched in January this year with 58 pages full of letters, poetry, sightings, articles, episode reviews, word-search, items for sale, conventions... the list is endless. All this on beautiful 100gm parchment paper - I have been told this will be a special - each Valentine's issue. The June, September, December issues will be done on brilliant white satin 100gm/120gm paper. Each issue will be 50 plus pages. The June issue will be delight full of photos etc. [2]

Issue 1

Chatterbox 1 was published in 1993.

Issue 2

Chatterbox 2 was published in 1993.

Issue 3

Chatterbox 3 was published in 1993

Issue 4

Chatterbox 4 was published in 1993

Issue 5

Chatterbox 5 was published in 1993.

Issue 6

Chatterbox 6 was published in February 1994.

Issue 7

Chatterbox 7 was published in April 1994.

Issue 8

Chatterbox 8 was published in June 1994.

Issue 9

Chatterbox 9 was published in August 1994.

Issue 10

Chatterbox 10 was published in October 1994 and contains 16 pages.

front cover of issue #10
back cover of issue #10
centerfold illo from issue #10, by Pam Tuck
  • Remember Me, poem by Katrina Relf
  • In a Heartbeat, poem by Mandy Hawthorn
  • Feelings of the Heart, poem by Riviera
  • a full-page illo: "Wonderful Vincent" by Renate Haller
  • a wordfind
  • a very short review of Daybreak: From Shadows Into Light, see that page
  • an ad for art by Rosemarie Hauer
  • there are 12 fan letters (11 from Europe, 1 from Australia)
  • this issue has a con report for Masquerades '94, see that page
  • from one letter: "Dear friends, I look forward immensely to writing these letters to you and feel very privileged to have this task. Everyone on the Chatterbox team has one goal in mind, and that is to keep Beauty & The Beast alive and well in all our hearts. We came together from all walks of life, united because of this programme. We all became drawn to it, because we recognised in it something that touched us deeply. Not many TV programmes reach out this way, that is why Ron Koslow as "creator" is such a gifted man. When the series was on TV we used to watch it, then everyone would ring their friends and chat four hours about every aspect of it. Then the dreaded phone bill came, and we realised we'd have to ring less often. So we wrote to our friends and they wrote back. But when Chatterbox was thought up, it was felt there was a real need - a source of communication for B&B, that everyone would benefit from and could participate in. These letters are now our life line, and to live we need to be fed. So keep feeding us your letters, so the dream in our hearts will live like a beacon, giving endless joy to all in the months and years ahead. Until next time. Be well."

Issue 11

Chatterbox 11 was published in December 1994.

Issue 12

Chatterbox 12 was published in February 1995.

Issue 13

Chatterbox 13 was published in April 1995.

Issue 14

Chatterbox 14 (2A) was published in June 1995.

Issue 15

Chatterbox 16 was published in August 1995.

Issue 17

Chatterbox 17 was published in October 1995.

Issue 18

Chatterbox 18 was published in December 1995.

Issue 19

Chatterbox 19 was published in February 1996.

Issue 20

Chatterbox 20 was published in April 1996.

Issue 21

Chatterbox 21 was published in June 1996.

Issue 22

Chatterbox 22 was published in August 1996.

Issue 23

Chatterbox 23 was published in October 1996.

Issue 24

Chatterbox 24 was published in December 1996.

Issue 25

Chatterbox 25 was published in February 1997.

Issue 26

Chatterbox 26 was published in April 1997.

Issue 27

Chatterbox 27 was published in June 1997.

Issue 28

Chatterbox 28 was published in October 1997.

Issue 29

Chatterbox 29 was published in December 1997.

Issue 30

Chatterbox 30 was published in February 1998.

Issue 31

Chatterbox 31 was published in April 1998.

Issue 32

Chatterbox 32 was published in June 1998.

Issue 33

Chatterbox 33 was published in October 1998.

Issue 34

Chatterbox 34 was published in December 1998.

Issue 35

Chatterbox 35 was published in February 1999.


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